Great Music Is…

A while back there was some debate around the southern gospel blogosphere over what great music is.

Some said, “Great music is music that makes me stop thinking about any other kind.”

Some said, “Great music is music that makes me cry.”

Some said, “Great music is something that touches me.”

Some said, “Great music makes you want to play music.”

Of course, they’re all wrong. Great music is Bruce Hornsby. ‘Nuff said:

On second thought, maybe they’re all right.


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4 responses to “Great Music Is…

  1. burkesbrainwork

    I have 2 Hornsby CDs….Harbor Lights and Hot House. Love them both!

    • He’s always been hugely talented, but I like his older stuff with the Range best of all. :-)

      • Kelley Kimble

        Totally agree on Hornsby. I play piano for church and once mentioned to my pastor that I am a Hornsby fan. I was honored when he replied, “I can tell that.”

      • Wow! Huge compliment there!

        I’ve got the basics of this one worked out (intro etc.), except for that goshdarned bridge… I see a sheet music investment in my future. :)

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