Video: EHSS returns for the National Anthem

Here’s a video of Signature Sound’s recent performance at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. [Update: A higher-quality version has been uploaded in the mean-time, so I’ve embedded that link instead.]

To my ears it sounds like they lowered it a half-step from the usual key. Anybody else hearing the same?


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10 responses to “Video: EHSS returns for the National Anthem

  1. I thought it seemed slower too. Threw me off a bit watching it live, but its growing on me.

  2. I heard the lowered key as well.

    I watched it at a gathering at a friend’s house, most of the people there being completely unfamiliar with Ernie Haase & Signature Sound. Quote from one person after they finished: “Well, Christina Aguilera sure didn’t teach them how to sing that!”

  3. A friend of mine was there and he and his wife both called me and told me how great they sounded but neither said anything about it sounding lower there live.

  4. Nate Stainbrook

    I noticed the lowered key as well… Maybe the are just a little more comfortable in that key.

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