Monday Morning Humor: Toddler Talk



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7 responses to “Monday Morning Humor: Toddler Talk

  1. Nothing is showing up for me. Are you sure you pasted the right link?

    • It should show up after a couple seconds—this isn’t an ordinary video format like Youtube, but I can see it fine. You might want to add a codec, or update your Flash, or something like that.

  2. Lydia

    I think that video is funny because it’s such ridiculous advice. If you talk to your kid that way, how _exactly_ is it supposed to help? I guess because if he sees an adult acting like a little toddler and talking like him he’s going to be so surprised that he calms down? Um, okay, and what happens when he doesn’t get to go outside? The fact that Mommy is saying, “Yes, I know, you wantwantwant to go outside. You *want* to go outside” doesn’t give him what he wants. So…when he realizes that, what then? Just keep talking like a toddler to him and re-expressing his tantrums for him?

    Funny, silly fads. Turning adults into toddlers. Yep, that’ll work to turn toddlers into adults.

  3. Those kids could use some good swift discipline. On the other hand so could the “adult” in the video. So sad.

  4. Lydia

    Sometimes discipline doesn’t work to calm them down, so you have to take them and put them in the crib for a few minutes so you aren’t subjected to their screams.

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