Monday Morning Humor: Suzy at the Mall

A brilliant little parody of the classic “Casey At the Bat.” From Kevin O’Brien, a talented Christian actor and comedian. I think there’s some Rex Harrison in this one. Merry Christmas Eve!

When suddenly, I spy a sight

That raises my sad spirits

Who is this come barging in?

Who is finally here it’s

Suzy, yes it’s Suzy!

Toting packages galore

For Suzy, shopping Suzy

Has burst into the store!


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4 responses to “Monday Morning Humor: Suzy at the Mall

  1. kpayne

    It would appear that Suzy’s lack of credit has even scared the dog. lol Pretty good interpretation of another day at the mall.

  2. Lydia

    This is absolutely hilarious, and I cannot get over how clever he is at the rhymes.

    • Yes, indeed, like rhyming “circus” with that store name. :)

      By the way all, this link has the name of a different post I had planned for Monday Morning Humor. I replaced the text instead of creating a new post, so now the name is wrong. Sorry for any confusion.

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