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“As God is my witness…”

…I thought turkeys could fly.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Monday Morning Humor: That’s the Worst

Really. The worst.

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Southern Gospel Lookalikes

[This post has turned out to be quite popular! WordPress tells me it has about 100 hits from Facebook alone. Anyone know whose account? Thanks!]

Let’s have a little fun. Below are four actors I’ve chosen for their resemblance to some of my favorite southern gospel singers. All thumbnails are clickable for a closer look. First, here’s one many fans have been noticing for ages: beloved singer/actor Jim Nabors and Ernie Haase, particularly in his Cathedrals days when his hair was still dark. While the screen cap of Ernie is a bit blurred, the resemblance is ummistakable:

Ernie Haase and Jim Nabors better comparison

L: Jim Nabors R: Ernie Haase

But here’s one I’ll bet you never thought of before: TV host Jimmy Fallon and Scott Fowler. Something about Fallon’s smile just put me in mind of Scott. They have similarly likable faces.

Scott Fowler and Jimmy Fallon comparison

L: Jimmy Fallon R: Scott Fowler

Here are two more where the resemblance may be looser, but still noticeable. First, film star Matthew McConaughey and Doug Anderson. This never occurred to me until quite recently because Matthew’s look is typically much scruffier (longish curls, 5 o’clock shadow, shirt optional), while Doug is the epitome of clean-cut. However, McConaughey cleaned up for his role as a devoted father in the new sci-fi epic Interstellar, and I think it’s a giant improvement. Because now he looks more like Doug.

L: Matthew McConaughey R: Doug Anderson

*brief pause to admire the Lord’s handiwork*

Okay, and finally, this is some character actor who guest-starred on a show I watch, and I immediately thought “Hey, that guy looks like Michael Booth!”

Michael Booth and Frederick Weller comparison

L: Random Actor R: Michael Booth

Your turn now! Can you add any more southern gospel doppelgangers, celebrity or otherwise, to the list?


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Monday Morning Humor: Who’s On First, the Sequel

Look for a special guest appearance by Billy Crystal, and then I don’t know who shows up at the end to try to straighten everything out:


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Monday Morning Humor: Praise & Worship Music in 45 Seconds

Although this is a secular comedian, he makes a very shrewd point here about the silliness of distancing oneself from “organized religion,” as if there is such a thing as “disorganized religion.” In the process, he also, perhaps unintentionally, provides a brilliant parody of many contemporary praise & worship songs.

“La-la-la-la-la… disorganized.”

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Monday Morning Humor: Obama & Putin Discuss Foreign Policy

A little outdated by now, but hey, I just now found it and felt led to share.

“So look, Vlad, just to recap our call, no progress was made here, right?”

“None at all.”

“Okay, take care!


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Top Ten Reasons for Being a Bass

All credit to the creator of this meme. I can claim none of it. Let my readers make of it what they will!

Top Ten reasons for being a bass

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Monday Morning Humor: Classic Tongue-Twisters!

Carol Burnett and Roddy McDowall are absolutely marvelous together. My, didn’t he grow up to be charming? ;-) They bide their time before breaking into “Moses Supposes,” but there’s so much good stuff here I figured I’d save myself a little time and just embed the whole thing. My only question: Shouldn’t it be “Thus, the seething sea sufficeth us?” Methinks he slippeth!


Roddy: “Try this one. Captain Craxcomb cracked his cousin’s coxcomb…”

Carol: “Will you knock that off?”

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Monday Morning Humor: Before Mark Lowry, Before Tim Hawkins…

Last week I featured a clip of one of my favorite comic actors, Dick Van Dyke. Did you know that he has a kid brother who’s also a pretty darn good comedian? His name is Jerry, and I discovered him in this old episode of the Judy Garland Show. I immediately thought, “So THAT’S where Mark Lowry and Tim Hawkins got their weird!” I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if some of their facial contortions and physical techniques were influenced by Jerry Van Dyke, maybe even specifically influenced by this routine, which is classic. In it, he lip-syncs/performs a 6-and-a-half minute version of the Lone Ranger’s radio debut. I actually have that radio broadcast on cassette tape, which made the routine even funnier for me to watch. He really hits his stride once Tonto shows up about half-way through:


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Monday Morning Humor: Dick Van Dyke Explains Comedy to Kids

When I was little, my three great loves were Dick Van Dyke, Danny Kaye and Donald O’Connor. (Pause for a gratuitous collage):

Dick Van Dyke, Danny Kaye and Donald O'Connor collage

Where was I? Oh yes, one reason why these particular three were my great loves (w/apologies to Gene Kelly, Bing Crosby, etc.) was that they all had something specific in common: They were geniuses of physical comedy. And nothing can make little kids laugh like brilliant physical comedy. Of the three, I probably fell hardest (as it were) for Dick Van Dyke, on the strength of his two classic performances in Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang and Mary Poppins. He is also the only one still with us today (with a Twitter account no less—check him out busting a dance move in the department store on Vine too). In today’s clip from his classic sitcom, he is inspired to unpack the science of slapstick and pantomime in front of a classroom of little kids, after failing to impress them merely with words and his cred as a sketch writer for the Alan Brady show. Enjoy:



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