Hey everybody! Welcome. This blog is a bit of an experiment, to see, quite simply, whether I can do it. I’ve never done it before, so this is a new venture for me. Your patience is appreciated as I bumble through. I cannot promise to post daily, but I will attempt to be regular as I share my observations on faith and music—specifically, southern gospel music.

As many of you know, I was a contributor at for a number of months, and folks got to know me as New SoGo Fan. I got a lot of kind feedback on what I wrote from you readers and from some artists as well. Daniel J. Mount has graciously put all my reviews and columns in one place here.

In my review of Wes Hampton’s album A Man Like Me, you can read part of the story of how I became a southern gospel fan after listening predominantly to CCM. Be watching for some upcoming posts where I revisit key moments in my discovery of the genre. I can enjoy a broad range of musical sounds and styles, but this blog will naturally focus primarily on SG. However, don’t be surprised if I occasionally discuss other types of music as well.

A word on comments: To all who come with respectful disagreements and constructive criticism, welcome. Honest opinions are not out of place here as long as they are not worded in a personally nasty or mean-spirited way.

A little bit about me: I’ve loved music all my life, and I can play the piano, sing, arrange, and write a little bit (still working on that last part!) My piano style owes more to the pop stylings of Michael W. Smith and Jim Brickman than to convention music, though I enjoy trying my hand at the likes of “Mansion Over the Hilltop” every so often.

If I were to put together a list of my very favorite songs, it would be a mix of styles, though all would fall within Christian music. A few that would find spots at the top are “Go Rest High On That Mountain,” “I Will Be Here,” “How Beautiful,” “Find Us Faithful,” and “Give Me Jesus.” Favorite gospel songs include “I Stand Redeemed,” “We Shall See Jesus,” “Had It Not Been,” “I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary,” and many more. I also enjoy many singers, although there it’s easier to pick a favorite: Without a doubt, Steve Green. As for quartets, I’m picky about tenors, but I’ve always been a sucker for a good bass singer.

Personality: I am a VERY funny person. No, really, I’m hilarious! I am also VERY opinionated. I even have strong opinions about colors: Blue is gorgeous, and chartreuse should be retired. I might even write a post about it: “Retire the Color Chartreuse.”

So that’s me. Hang on, folks. Here we go!


20 thoughts on “Greetings!

  1. Stephen

    Congrats on the new blog NSF. As a daily reader at Daniel’s site, I have read quite a bit of your commentary. I am certain you will do well with your own blog. Also, as we mentioned there, I was a bit surprised. I always thought NSF was a man….lol. Best wishes and keep at it knowing you will have at least one regular reader 😉

  2. pastorjohn

    Congrats on your new blog. I have enjoyed reading your comments on Daniel’s blog and look forward to this site.

    But one question: What is Chartreuse? I never heard of it. I can’t agree or disagree about retiring it when I havent a clue what it is.

      1. pastorjohn

        I checked out the link you gave, and chartreuse yellow sample distinctly reminds me of the first car I owned. It was a 1976 Ford Pinto. Need I say more? Go ahead and retire it — Please! lol

  3. Melissa

    Best wishes for the new blog. In my one and only blog appearance (I don’t even remember whose blog it was), we had a, uh, discussion about the relative merits of two of the Booth Brothers, but it ended nicely, and I’ve always enjoyed reading your thoughts and concerns on southern gospel music. I know you’ll do well, because there can’t ever be enough good blogs on SG music! (And for the record, I always have thought you were a lady — in every sense of the word!)

    1. That’s really sweet of you Melissa. Thanks! I remember that conversation too (it was over on Burke’s Brainwork). What you said was very understandable—I’m protective of my favorite singers too. I’m glad we worked it out. 🙂

  4. PhilonSouthernGospel


    A hearty Northern Irish welcome is extended! I really appreciate your comments and reviews over at Daniel’s site. I’m glad you created your own individual platform to express your thoughts.

    Looking forward to reading your writings!

    Phil Boles

  5. David Mac

    Congrats on the blog-launch, SG sister! [and yes, I did work that out, which is whay it is a long time since I called you SoGoBro :-)!!]

    Are we allowed a wee bit more background?

    I noticed casual refs snuck in on “more-or-less pregnant”? Is that a hint too? Maybe not.

    Have to get used to YGG now, at least we won’t confuse the SGF’s any more!!!

    God bless the blog!

  6. David Mac

    BTW, YGG sis, the comments and your own supplementaries are WEE TINY!! Can you make a bigger size or heavier font? Daniel’s stuff – I must admit – it much easier on older eyes!!

    1. Unfortunately no. And I’d really like to, but the WordPress support piece basically said, “Well, you could do it, but it’s super complicated and have fun trying. HA!” So unless I change the theme (which is rather snazzy, no?) I’m afraid we’re stuck with this font. 😦

      However, if you look up in the left-hand corner, there’s a place to click and see the comments in larger print via RSS.

  7. lee65

    Congratulations on your new blog ,i’ve been thoroughly enjoying it.Sorry ,i thought you were a guy all this time too.

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