Catching Up With Doug Anderson

This past Saturday, I caught up with Doug Anderson in Grand Rapids. I also caught up with Ian Owens (look for that interview later!) Doug shared a little bit about his upcoming solo record, which I thought might interest my readers. (By the way, this sweet sepia shot is just one of many great shots I took from the concert. Look for a slideshow of those later—there are 60-some of them. [Update: See slideshow and concert review here.]  Some of my favorites happened to be of Doug—go figure!) Anyway, without further ado, here is my mini-interview with Doug Anderson.


Me: So I understand your debut solo project hits on May 3rd?

Doug: Comes out on May 3rd in all the stores and on all the tables—we’ll sell it at our concerts.

Me: That’s great. Can you tell us a little about that, like how long it’s been in the works, how you went about choosing songs and what we can expect it to sound like?

Doug: Well Wayne Haun and Ernie Haase are the producers on the project. We sat down in Chicago one weekend and played about a hundred songs, and we came up with ten that we really liked. Great messages, the style of it is pretty eclectic. There’s all different styles. And I’m excited about it. There’s a song out right now called “Jesus Is Holding My Hand…”

Me: I’ve heard it. It’s beautiful!

Doug: It’s on the radio right now, so…

Me: Now who is the writer?

Doug: Lyn Rowell and Wendy Wills—“Jesus is Holding My Hand.”

Me: That’s great. And that’s got a little bit of a country sound to it.

Doug: Yeah, and a lot of my stuff is more country sounding ‘cuz I love country music. But we did it with a gospel flare, with a good message.

Me: Yeah, you know when I heard it, I thought “That sounds like something from one of Gordon Mote’s solo projects.”

Doug: Yeah! Well I’ve always been a big fan of Gordon.

Me: He’s awesome. What can you say?

Doug: Of course, I mean yeah, Gordon’s a great talent, I love him… But we’ve got some great songs on this project, and hopefully the people will come out and buy it and support it!

Me: I sure will.

Doug: Well, thank you very much.


11 thoughts on “Catching Up With Doug Anderson

  1. NWBaritone

    Doug sure is a great singer and a very nice guy. I think seeing him live helps appreciate how good he is. Again, I put him right at the top with Jim Brady and Marshall Hall, as far as baritones go. I’m looking forward to Doug’s album being released.

      1. NWBaritone

        To paraphrase, well you, because I couldn’t have put it better, singing is so easy for Doug it’s like breathing in and out.

      2. NWBaritone

        I did read the review. It encouraged me to purchase the DVD, which I did as a result. I don’t generally care about the visual experience but it was a fun DVD to watch. “we shall see Jesus” was genuinely touching.

  2. Wilma Metcalf

    Love Doug’s voice & he is a great guy to talk to. I hope his solo CD is a big hit. I know I’ll be waiting to buy it.

  3. Joyce Williams

    I am so looking forward to getting Doug’s new solo project. He has truly been blessed with a wonderful voice and I am so grateful he shares it with us. I pray this first project will be a great success with many more to follow.

  4. stanna breen

    Doug is so special to so many of his fans, with his passion, caring, and family committment, just to name a few reasons why we love Doug. So happy for him and his solo CD and the debut concert. may God continue to bless you Doug and your sweet family, Michele, Isabel and Ella for sharing you with your fans. This is only the beginning:)

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