Ryan Dobson on Moral Relativism

“Tolerance today means that you believe something different from what I believe, and we can both be right. Isn’t that amazing? We can both be right!”


I think I’ll call this “Surprise Sunday.” On Sunday, if I choose to post at all, anything can happen. You might drop by to find a powerful scene from a classic film (see last week), a funny Youtube video, a devotional thought, thoughts on the culture, or perhaps a bit of great music you might not have heard before.

Today, I wanted to share one of my favorite messages about our culture today. It’s from Ryan Dobson, son of James Dobson. Here he tackles post-modernism. Take a moment to enjoy the entire quarter-hour message today. Every minute is well worth it. Oh, and keep a box of tissues handy…because you’ll be laughing that hard. The entire video is available here. I first heard this message on an episode of Focus On the Family a couple years back, and I’ve made a point of watching the video at least once a month since I found it. Truly a man after my own heart!


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