Idea: Wayne Haun solo album?

Just to clarify so no rumors get started, this is ONLY an IDEA. I have no information to the effect that Wayne Haun is planning to make a solo album in the near future. This is all coming out of my head.

Okay, now that we’ve established that, I was musing on this the other day when I found a 2-year-old online streaming episode of Ann Downing’s Reality Check with Wayne Haun as the guest. My favorite parts were when Wayne sat down at the piano and played/sang something he had written. I discovered the song “I Will Find You Again” this way, because I hadn’t heard the Perrys sing it. So the first time I ever heard the chorus was when Wayne told the story behind it and then sang it himself. I was intrigued. It had such a classic sound, almost a bit of a contemporary sound, but good contemporary, if you know what I mean. When Wayne sang it, it had kind of a Scott Krippayne feel, like the kind of stuff Scott used to do before he started getting weird and artsy. And it was just plain beautiful. (Of course I was at my keyboard later trying to finger out the chords, and I’m still trying to find exactly how that one chord goes…ever have that feeling where you’ve got most of it, but you’re missing the one final thing that will make it as rich as it needs to be?) But anyway, I just fell in love with it instantly.

So then of course I looked up the Perrys singing the full song, and I thought it was great. But there was still something about the way Wayne had sung the chorus, just right there with him and the piano. It just wasn’t the same when the Perrys did it.

Now that he’s  recorded his own version of a popular Cathedrals song, his abilities as a vocalist are beginning to attract more attention than before. So I have a proposal for StowTown Records: A Wayne Haun solo album, featuring Wayne’s own takes on some of the best songs he’s contributed to. “I Will Find You Again” would naturally be a must, as would the likes of “Grace” and “I Wish I Could Have Been There.” “Reason Enough” would make sense since he’s even already sung it at Signature Sound concerts. Another great recent pick would be “Love Came Calling.”

But what about you? Would you be interested in a project like this? Because I know I would—as long as he really picked his BEST songs, of course! One thing that would be fascinating is if he went and found a couple songs that didn’t become hits, but that he’s always just liked and thought were strong.


14 thoughts on “Idea: Wayne Haun solo album?

  1. Wilma Metcalf

    I would love this too. I asked Wayne about that one time a while back & he just kind of smiled. And yes he can smile.:)Hope Ernie will get him going on this.

    1. Wayne has always been very modest about his vocal abilities. And I don’t foresee a release like this immediately. But at some point down the road I think it would be a natural StowTown release. Wayne will probably put it off for a while because he might feel like it would be self-centered to use his own label to promote a personal solo project, but it makes sense to me and I think fans would like it!

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  3. I had the pleasure of meeting Wayne’s mother at a concert last year & she overheard me when I mentioned to Wayne that I would love to hear an entire project of him singing solo & I would buy it! She responded, “Well, I’ve been after him for a long, long time to do one. I still wish he would.” She & I both agreed that the fans would love it! Perhaps enough people will respond to this & it will help him to finally decide 🙂 (Hoping anyway)

  4. I just stumbled on the video of Wayne appearing on Ann Downing’s show. I know you’re a big fan, so I figured I would point it out to you, only to realize you had already found it.

    I completely agree about a Wayne Haun solo album. There’s just something special about hearing a songwriter sing their own songs.

    In my opinion, Wayne Haun may be the most talented individual in southern gospel music. Not only does he write songs, he produces albums, travels full-time with a major group playing keyboard and getting featured every night, and has even directed an orchestra for a SG DVD (Collingsworth). Is there anything this man cannot do (other than smiling)?

    1. I don’t know. My mom says she likes it that he doesn’t smile though. She feels like it’s all of a piece—the focus, the professionalism, the understatement. Not that she’s bothered by people who do smile (otherwise she’d hate southern gospel in general!) but it’s this idea that people should be who they are, and Wayne just is a bit more serious. And that has its own appeal I think.

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