New Theme?

I’m approaching the one-month mark for the blog, and already I’m having second thoughts about the theme I picked (Fleur De Lys). There are many things I like about it, but at the same time there are some things that annoy me. For example, people have already pointed out the tiny print, particularly in comment threads. I’ve also noticed that hyperlinks can be faint, which sort of removes the whole point of a hyperlink, which is to be noticed!

However, what’s most important is what the readers want. So coming into the weekend, I thought I’d solicit opinions from you guys:  What do you think? Would you prefer something more spacious and readable? Do you like it just the way it is? Do you not care one way or the other?

Update: Daniel Mount has suggested that instead of doing a poll, I just pick another theme I like and try it out for a weekend. So I’ve decided to give Pilcrow a test drive—See what y’all think.


23 thoughts on “New Theme?

  1. If you put it this way, you will get everyone describing their ideal theme, and you’ll never find a theme that everyone unanimously loves in every aspect. When you actually do pick a theme, everyone who described their ideal will find at least one area where it falls short, and this discussion will restart at square 1.

    If, on the other hand, you put up the next-best theme for a weekend and ask people to compare it with this one, you’re in a better place.

    (…this from a person who has been through far too many theme changes on too many websites!)

    1. Here’s the deal though–I don’t even have a specific next-best theme in mind myself. I’m just asking the more general question of whether there are people who think I need to change it from what I have now.

  2. The theme I use most often is called 2010 Weaver. It is HIGHLY customizable in just about every aspect of the site. I’d also suggest a custom banner/logo. Email me if you’re interested, I’ll make you one free of charge :).

  3. I LOVE the one I use. When it comes to visual things like this, posters, or advertisements, I am a simplistic guy. Thats what I like most about my design

    PS. I like your new choice. MUCH easier on my 24-year old eyes.

    1. Thanks! You wouldn’t believe how ugly some of the options are—or maybe you would, since you use as well. Some of them look like they’re straight out of the Dark Ages—you know, like those hideous blue print on white templates? 😮

      Oh, and if that was hard on your 24-year-old eyes… some SERIOUS change was in order. 😀

    1. You know it’s funny—you’ll notice an up-close of some piano keys in the background, but that was actually an accident. I picked out that image for the header, but without realizing it I plugged it in for the background photo instead. But then when I saw what it looked like, I thought it was pretty cool, so I kept it! 🙂

      1. quartet-man

        Well, I didn’t notice it when I commented, but that is sort of neat. I like this because it is cleaner, easier to read and I never liked the color of the other one. It was bland. So, Yankee, I think this one is just “dandy”. 😀

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