A Different Kind of Album Review?

Okay guys, I’m contemplating something a little rad. At this point I have heard samples, read lyrics, and surveyed promo photography for Doug Anderson’s new project.

This means that I already have a good sense of what the album sounds and looks like even though I don’t have it in my hands yet.

So, how would it be if I wrote a review of it?

Granted, it wouldn’t be as fleshed out as it would be if I had, er, you know actually listened to the whole thing…but you might be surprised at how much I would have to say!

Would my readers rather I waited until I could write something more fleshed out, or would you be interested to read this new kind of “review?”

[By the way, Ernie, if you’re reading this, I’m kinda sorta fishing for a free review copy. Just so you know. :-D]


12 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Album Review?

  1. NWBaritone

    Although that’s not to say that conversation and speculation (to some degree) on what we might expect from the album would be interesting. I heard Doug sing the single in January and I am looking forward to hearing the entire thing.

  2. Here4areason

    Why don’t you give a review before you’ve actually heard the whole thing and then see how it compares to a review you give after you’ve heard it?

    1. Well, I suspect that I would say many of the same things in my opening and closing thoughts, as well as in my descriptions of the individual songs. (For example, since I already have the lyrics, any thoughts on those would remain the same.) So anything I did afterwards would be just additions and enhancements to what I already have. Like if it turned out there was a powerful key change on one number, or if Doug hit a surprising high note on another number, that sort of thing.

  3. You remind me of my sister-in-law when she started dating my brother. She would listen to a song to the last line or so, and then skip to the next thing she wanted to listen to. This was quite emotionally upsetting to us, as we are programmed like a little anecdote I once heard about Bach. (His family could wake him out of a sound sleep by playing all of a song but the last note, when he would jump up and hurry to the piano to play the last note and finish the song.)

    She argued that she’d already heard the song, so why did she need to listen to that last line? She could hear it in her mind. I argued that if that were her logic, why did she listen to her CDs at all? She already knew what they sounded like and could just “listen” to the whole song that way! (We have her trained better now.)

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