I found this poster today. No comment needed. Special thanks to the emergent-see po-motivators for giving us such a powerful mission statement:


8 thoughts on “Self-Righteousness

  1. donsands

    There shall always be the two extremes in the Church, don’t you think. Those who hate the fundies, and only want love. And their definition of love is very weak.
    Those who are fundamental and stand firm and nobody, NOBODY, can tell me I don’t have love!
    Then you have the vastness of the Church that is stuck in the middle of these extreme sub-cultures in the church.

    It’s a difficult subject, don’t you think?
    Have a terrific weekend, and especially Lord’s day! Gal. 6:14

    1. Well, I’m not going to say that it’s impossible for there to be true fundamentalist Pharisees out there. That would be your one extreme. And I have seen some of that. I’ve also seen Pharisaical behavior in the Anglo-Catholic realm.

      But I gotta say…I have personally seen many, many, many more Pharisees from the other extreme.

      You said that the vast majority of the Church is in the middle, but I fear that there are more of the latter every day.

  2. donsands

    Good thoughts. I suppose it’s impossible to tell really. Seems that the Church in our day is more worried about “legalism”, then licentiousness. As soon as you mention the law and obedience seems many squint and say, “I’m not into legalism.”
    But, in the Bible belt it may be different. I have bumped into more than a few King James Only, um, people, and they are a handful, and then some.

    You have a tremendous gift of discernment and communication. I lack both. Our Savior gifts us differently for His glory.
    Have a great Lord’s day.

    1. Yes, absolutely. Heaven forbid we should try to have standards. Remember what Jesus said about religious people—ahem, cough, ahem.

      You’re right, the King James Only crowd can be interesting. And then you get the people who say that Michael W. Smith is Satanic…but we won’t go there (!)

      On the contrary, I think you are quite discerning. Many other Christians could use your discernment. But I thank you for the kind words and pray the good Lord will not let them go to my head.

      By Jove, I’m being humble!


  3. I guess I don’t get it … I’m not up on this stuff.

    What side is the “poster” from? I guess what I’m really asking is, “Is the guy serious?”

    1. The new trend is to bad-mouth “Pharisees” in the church (aka fundamentalist conservative evangelicals). This poster is mocking the people who sling mud in that respect by turning Jesus’ parable inside out and applying it to them: “I thank thee that I am not like…those smug Pharisees.”

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