Saturday Survey #1

Some items of interest from the week:

* The Absolutely Gospel awards were handed out, with Karen Peck & New River winning big and Signature Sound capturing album of the year. You can read our friend Andrew’s detailed report at southerngospelreview.

* As other blogs have already reported, Brian Free’s mother passed away this week. Coming on the heels of his father’s death, that has to be tough. It’s been noted that BFA’s new song “Never Walk Alone” couldn’t have hit #1 on the charts at a more appropriate time.

* Nate Stainbrook has written a great review of  a Legacy Five concert in which he also shares some news about their upcoming mainline.

* David Bruce Murray has a new look. Be sure to drop by and tell him whether you like it or hate it (I like it). Also, Kyle has posted a documentary that lets you watch bluegrass music’s finest artists rehearse for a special O Brother Where Art Thou? concert event. (What is it about that movie, dude? It looketh exceeding great weird, but there’s all this great music connected with it somehow.) Anyway, the version of the documentary/concert Kyle found was on Hulu with commercial breaks, but I found the whole thing unbroken on Youtube. If you have even a casual interest in bluegrass music, be sure to set aside an hour and a half for it—it’s fascinating stuff.

* Our friend Josh has written a thought-provoking post on southern gospel and the new media age. He has some very interesting insights.

And finally, on a fun OT note, here is a brilliantly hilarious parody of Rob Bell’s Love Wins teaser trailer. (In case you missed it, this is my opinion of Rob Bell. “Shallow thinker who doesn’t know his stuff and would be really smart if he was half as smart as he thinks he is” would just about cover it in a nutshell.) To fully enjoy the parody, I’m afraid you will have to subject yourself to Bell’s original teaser. Just hold your nose for about 3 minutes and trust me that it really will help you appreciate just how funny the parody is.

[Update: Apparently there is room for more than one seriously awesome parody. This one might be even better.]

Consider this an open thread and discuss away. (But please, for my sanity’s sake, let’s try to get some southern gospel in there and not waste the whole thread talking about Rob Bell. Because that would be a real tragedy.)

I’ll be out for much of the day, so be good while I’m gone. 😛


4 thoughts on “Saturday Survey #1

  1. JJ

    1. I do find it interesting that some SG artists are active on Twitter and Facebook, and are taking advantage of new media.

    2. I’m more concerned with the state of radio right now. Some stations are playing a very odd mix of SG music. While it’s important to make a profit, it’s jarring to hear artists who have paid for airtime but have not yet reached the level of ability to be there.

    3. As for Rob Bell, here’s John MacArthur’s response:

    4. And another answer from Kevin DeYoung:

    1. 1. Yeah, and as has been mentioned, people like Gaither, Haase, etc. are definitely leading the way in that area. But overall, some catching up is probably in order compared with other genres.

      2. I’ve hardly listened to any SG radio at all, but I hear that some people are left scratching their heads by the song/artist selection.

      3 &4. I’ve read DeYoung’s review, and it is excellent. Hadn’t seen the MacArthur link, that’s very good as well. Frankly, I think Bell is much more deserving of a “spoofa” or three than a serious, in-depth review, but I’m impressed by how restrained and thoughtful the evangelical response has been. Bell’s got nothing to whine about.

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