Songs you could never dig

This weekend I will be sharing some Holy Week music and meditations, but before we get serious, I thought it might be entertaining to ask my readers this question: What’s one Christian song, for our purposes preferably SG, that everybody talks about and loves, but for whatever reason just doesn’t click for you?

The bigger the better. Try to think of something that’s very highly regarded by a lot of people, including critics. Then explain a little of your reasoning behind not liking it. Be honest, but be thoughtful.

(Just to refresh folks’ memory, that song would be “Champion of Love” for me. I simply never got what was supposed to be so inspirational and profound about it. For some reason, the picture of Jesus Christ as a prizefighter amidst a crowd of screaming sports fans just doesn’t appeal to me. Plus, it’s uncomfortably similar to a certain very famous Carman song, though even I must concede that it is not THAT cheesy. There’s cheddar, and then there’s Limburger.)


9 thoughts on “Songs you could never dig

  1. LeviSJ

    “Champion of Love” was actually one of the first songs by the Cathedrals I remember hearing (that and “Can He, Could He, Would He”) and is what got me started in my path of SoGo fervor. I like the superlative nature of the descriptions: “higher than the highest, greater than the great.”

    I didn’t know then and don’t care enough to learn now much about boxing, so I guess I only had my own visual image of what the song represented, which I enjoyed. I’m not trying to win you over, just giving you my justification for enjoying it.

    Anyway, to your question, I cannot get “Great Speckled Bird.” There is a “trio” that sings it at church (“trio” in quotes because they all for some reason sing lead, despite one of them being the loudest alto in the choir) and they always get blessed by it, as well as a few in the congregation. But, it just goes over my head, or under my feet, or something. I have heard that my Dad used to sing it and that it was one he did really well, but he passed when I was 8, so I don’t recall ever hearing him sing it. Contrariwise, if I had, then I would have the nostalgia of him singing it to fall back on, but the song itself I just don’t get.

  2. Hmm, I think I don’t need to keep up with this thread. 😀 You guys have already brought up two of my biggest … “nemeses”? Not really the right word.

    My mind continues to work without my wanting it to, however, and I remember that I just never got a plugged nickel’s worth out of “His Name Is John” by the Perry’s. I mean, what if his name had been James? Would it have made that much difference? My husband’s name is Juan (John in Spanish), and quite honestly I’m not sure it was the best choice. (It’s hard to introduce him to americanos, and every other mexicano is named Juan too.)

    Anyway, that was intended to be tongue-in-cheek. Maybe I never listened to the lyrics carefully enough, but I don’t even remember them bringing out anything like the meaning of the name … any particular excuse, other than rhythm, for a whole song about “his name was John.” However, thanks to y’all, I may be left with some least favorite music going around in my head today. 😀 😉

  3. Amy- Kyla Rowland explained the song in the SN nearly 5 years ago. It’s something to do with God’s promises and how John had some importance in Christ’s earthly ministry? The song just seemed to be one to make people clap & feel a bit excited. And the Perrys weren’t the first to record it. The Hoppers did back in ’86.

    One song that just passes me over is “I Got Here as Fast as I Could” by Mark Bishop. It seems a bit awkward to me..

  4. anthony

    There are several with me. Midnight Cry by Gold City never got anywhere with me. Please hold me while cry-by Karen Peck and New River. The 2 songs listed above, The Great Speckled Bird (multiple groups) Lord, Why Me (multiple groups). I think Misty Freeman did one a while back, i think it was a single release, but in the song it had a line (if i take his name in vain) now that dog just didn’t hunt with me. Somewhere between Jesus and John Wayne. This one was nails on a chalk board. Some songs didn’t make biblical sense to me. Some just leave you shaking your head and saying , What. Others I just didn’t like. Like anybody else there are more, but i’ll stop there.

  5. Riete

    At first I thought I could not come up with one, but it didn’t take long before one came to mind … I really don’t like “Please, forgive me”, by Michael English (and I am normally a huge English fan!)
    It’s just too much … for me it brushes against the grain big time.

    1. Well, I’m not normally a huge English fan anyway, but for what it’s worth, that’s not a huge fave with me either.

      I could have listed “I Bowed On My Knees” as my “big song I never got” too, but I’m not sure how many people would agree with me there! 😮 But that’s kinda the point. 🙂

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