Meet Your New American Idol

Folks, I present Scotty McCreery. Yes, I am hooked. How about you?


5 thoughts on “Meet Your New American Idol

  1. Scotty, Scotty,Scotty! He reminds me of a cross between George Strait and Josh Turner, with a little Randy Travis, and a whole lot of Scotty Mcreery; Just a good, GOOD country singer.

    1. Yes! He rocks! And even better, he seems like a nice Christian guy. Of course this is where I start biting my nails and worrying that he’ll stay nice and Christian. Kris Allen seemed to do all right when he won it last time, so we’ll see. Then again, he never really broke into super-stardom. I’ll almost be more worried if that happens for Scotty. And it very well could. Kid sounds approximately twice his age.

  2. I noticed that! I just forgot to mention it… 🙂 Just imagine what he will sound like when he finally is twice his age!
    I also hope he stays nice and Christian; the stardom can sometimes get to a person that young. I will be praying that he stays humble and always glorifies God in all he does…

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