Video: Doug Anderson on TBN

I found some high quality videos of Doug Anderson’s TBN appearance. He performed some of the best songs off of his debut project, including the tender “I’ll Take What’s Left.” When I reviewed the album, I said this song was one of my favorites. It’s got a lovely old-fashioned ballad feel. Here Wayne and Doug do it with nothing but piano, and I think I like it even better this way. I hadn’t known that it was inspired by Doug’s own life story—he doesn’t say in what way, just that Wayne wrote the song specially for him. Wonderful:

Also check out lead single “Jesus is Holding My Hand” (which was uploaded by a different user in mono audio but has good video) and the title track, “Dreamin’ Wide Awake.” Kelly Vaughn plays a sweet electric guitar solo on the latter, reminding me why I’m SO glad they have added a guitarist to the band. It adds so much.


8 thoughts on “Video: Doug Anderson on TBN

  1. Doug’s new CD “Dreaming Wide Awake” is wonderful. And, this song “I’ll Take What’s Left” is also one of my favorites. Thank you for posting this…just love hearing this arrangement again. Wayne is just a genius and I am so grateful he is a part of Signature Sound. I would also like to say Thanks to TBN….great to see Doug’s Solo performance.

  2. Phyllis Reas

    Thanks Doug for sharing your heart with us,yes Doug this song was also for me.Yes, Lord take whats left of my broken heart and make me new.Doug is such a “special ” young man who has a very tender heart and loves the Lord with all his heart,and loves his family dearly .Thank you Wayne for all the beautiful songs and I am so glad that the EHSS Team has you on their team !!! The EHSS Team is AWESOME!!!!!

  3. Cheryl Limes

    So glad this was posted as we were unable to see the program. Yes, Doug is such a special young man and his music makes our hearts sing! Jesus Is Holding My Hand has a very special meaning for me and all of his songs are so awesome and from the heart. Thank you, Doug just for being the person that you are and we are so happy for you! Thank you Wayne for the music that you write and also loved the background singers and drums and guitar that accompanied Doug!

  4. dear my big brother doug anderson your big 18 year old sister in Fergus Falls,MN i loved all of your videos and i have your songs on my ipod list on the computer and love listening to them i love you big brother and always will love you forever please doug anderson and signature sound i am bagging you guys to come here to fergus falls mn you guys are sure welcomed here to fergus falls mn.

    1. Hey Shelby, I’m not sure if you realize this, but you can’t talk to the Signature Sound guys directly by leaving comments on the blog. Unless I e-mail something directly to them, it’s unlikely that they’ll see your comment. So you’re more than welcome to leave a comment talking about the post, but if you want to leave them a personal message, that would fit better on their Facebook wall or something.

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