Video: Wes Hampton singing “The Lord’s Prayer”

I’m pumped that this is on Youtube. I was on Wes’s blog asking if anyone had captured video of his singing at Courtney Collingsworth’s wedding the other month. Somebody said, “I’ve got ‘The Lord’s Prayer.’ I’ll e-mail it to you.” So he did, and after I picked my jaw back up off the floor I said, “Whoever took this video needs to put it on Youtube!” The message apparently got back, and here it is. Yes, the video quality is shaky, and there’s a fussy baby who gets a little loud right around the climax, but it’s Wes Hampton singing “The Lord’s Prayer!” With Kim Collingsworth on piano! I think I can live with a little shakiness and noise:


5 thoughts on “Video: Wes Hampton singing “The Lord’s Prayer”

      1. Sarah

        I’m the one who uploaded it to youtube. I actually had emailed the guy who got it from his friend who videoed it and asked if I could upload it to youtube for others to enjoy. He said yes so, due to you asking for it, I was able to upload it to youtube. 🙂

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