Southern Gospel for Kids

David Bruce Murray recently noted a case where a popular group outside of southern gospel (Denver and the Mile High) included a southern gospel song (Brian Free & Assurance’s “Prayin’ Man”) on a record targeted to kids. It got me to thinking about a playlist I’ve collected in iTunes of southern gospel songs that may not have been written specifically with kids in mind, yet would be perfect for that kindergarten to elementary school age bracket. Many southern gospel songs retell Bible stories or quote directly from Scripture. It can be a fun and engaging way for young kids to learn about the Word. Here are some of the songs in my list:

Glory to God in the Highest (Signature Sound)
Noah Found Grace (Statler Brothers)
Hey Jonah (Triumphant Quartet)
I Won’t Look At the Lions (Ernie Haase solo)
New Shoes (Booth Brothers)
Bottom of the Barrel (Collingsworth Family)
God Delivers Again (Cathedrals/Signature Sound)
Never Give Up, Never Give In (Signature Sound)

Can you come up with more young-kid-friendly SG Scripture songs, or just young-kid-friendly SG songs, period?


23 thoughts on “Southern Gospel for Kids

  1. That’s a good thought, YGG. Give It Away by GVB was the first one I thought of. Also He Saw It all by Booth Brother tells the story great. No Fishing by Jake Hess. I Catch ‘ Em God Cleans Em’ Gordon Mote and GVB.

    A kid favorite that we sing is The Lord Came Through. They usually ask for “Picture Moses”.

    I haven’t heard the entire project but Olivia Collingsworth worth does Goes Does A Lot With A Little. It is a catchy tune that STICKS in my head.


  2. AmyH

    The Inspirations did it at some point.

    The song that eventually came to my mind today was “Can He, Could He, Would He” by the Cathedrals. Maybe not so much for its message, but it was catchy, and I always remember my brother. My mom was teaching him to read and drilling him on common words with flashcards. Every time she came to the word “can,” he’d spout off, “Can He, could He, would He, yes, He can, He could, He would, and He did.”

      1. quartet-man

        Another couple of good Cats ones might be “Who Can Do Anything” and “Moving up To Gloryland”. Romans 8:28 might be one too.

      2. Amy Herrera

        Oh yeah, we used “Who Can Do Anything” in VBS one year, and it turned out to be reasonably popular. I forgot about that. I always missed George’s voice, though. 😛

  3. YGG,

    The LAs loved just about anything the Cathedrals sang, and EHSSQ, for that matter. We have some priceless video footage of Caleb (2), Jayme (4), and Sam (6) singing and dancing to “Trying To Get A Glimpse”. They loved it! And “This Ole’ House”, too!


  4. 1. I Am A Promise

    2. Attitude Of Gratitude

    3. God Loves To Talk To Little Boys When They’re Fishin’

    4. I Wonder How It Felt
5. Jesus, I Heard You Had A Big House

    6. Only A Boy Named David

    7. You’re Something Special

    8. Jesus Hold My Hand

    9. Jesus Loves Me

    10. It’s Incredible

    11. God Can

    12. Think On The Good Things

    13. My Father’s Angels

    Song list from new Gaither CD.

    1. I thought about using a list like that, but actually I was looking for songs that weren’t necessarily written specifically with kids in mind (like “I Am a Promise” or “Only a Boy Named David”), but just happen to be great for that age.

  5. Clarence Grigsby

    The Inspirations and the Specks both did “Glory To God In The Highest” before Old Friends, but I don’t know who did it first.

  6. Brian

    I have ten versions of “Glory to God in the Highest”:
    1. Inspirations, He Brought Me Out, 1993
    2. Booth Brothers, Walkin’ on the Good Side, 1999
    3. Talley Trio, It’s Christmas, 2000
    4. Old Friends Quartet, Encore, 2001
    5. Brian Free & Assurance, Lovin’ This Livin’ for the Lord, 2001
    6. Booth Brothers, Live in Lakeland, 2003
    7. Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Christmas with EH&SS, 2004
    8. Inspirations, Things Are Different Now, 2007
    9. Skyline Boys, Free & Forgiven, 2008
    10. Inspirations, Live: 45 Years of Favorites, 2010

    I believe a version I do not have, by the Specks, is the first major cut, and was a charting single. That would have been in 1993 also.

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