Now that’s what I’m talking about

A while back, I made a post lamenting the lack of high quality southern gospel music videos. My readers and I were able to scrape together a handful, of varying quality, but we agreed that it’s not exactly an area where SG excels.

Fortunately the Ball Brothers are doing their bit to change that. Check out this video for “It’s About the Cross.” Granted, it’s less interesting than a concept video for a story-song would be, but the production is still impressive. I saw one of these “performance music videos” for a Brian Free & Assurance song (it was “Die Another Day”), and this one is honestly better. It was produced by Levi Kirby and features all four brothers as well as their new pianist Cody McVey:

Don’t they look nice and classy? Thumbs up boys. I hope you can do more at some point.

Oh yes, and check out their latest “Rollin'” episode, in which they get together with some other guy friends and draft fantasy football teams. 😀


7 thoughts on “Now that’s what I’m talking about

  1. It’s not cheesy. But I wonder how resourceful music videos actually are. I think it’s not as popular as it was in the 90s/early 2000s. Anybody ’round here still watching music video countdowns on MTV or CMT? TRL with Carson Daly anyone?

    Drafting fantasy football teams…that’s something I’m a little more interested in.

    1. I’m just interested in it because I enjoy it. I make music videos for fun.

      As for how resourceful it is, you may be right that there’s been a decline in demand for them, but I still see plenty of artists in other genres doing it.

      Yeah, you would be into fantasy football, you sports nut! 😉

    1. You’re welcome. It was actually first written and performed by a group called Go Fish. The second verse was even different originally—more Christmas specific since it was done as a Christmas song.

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