Quartet, Boy Band, Same Different

So the other day I’m wearing my Signature Sound Cats tribute T-shirt (one of the ones that still had Tim Duncan on it, featuring all four in their matching suits), and somebody asks me “Who’s that on your shirt? I was curious ‘cuz I didn’t recognize them.” When I explained that they were a gospel quartet, he said, “Oh okay, so it’s not a boy band.”

It must have been Devin’s hair.



4 thoughts on “Quartet, Boy Band, Same Different

  1. matt

    Does this person know what a gospel quartet is?
    I was thinking, if you had a pic of the Cathedrals on your shirt, you wouldn’t have risked the boy band association. Having Glen/George in the photo would make it a ‘man-band’…..:-))

    1. I think he had an idea of what a quartet was when I explained. 😉 The really funny thing is that most of the guys are in their 30s-40s, so they’re past the boy band stage anyhow. But I guess everybody looks younger on a T-shirt.

      If I had a Cathedrals T-shirt, I’d wear it. Say, that would be a cool idea for an EHSS T: George and Glen large in the background with a Signature Sound silhouette in front.

    1. I quote from a web definition:

      “boy band: A pop group composed of attractive young men whose music and image are designed to appeal primarily to a young teenage audience. ”

      The “attractive” part might apply, everything else… 😀

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