Poll: Who’s Reading This Blog?

This past week, I set two new records for blog views per day. Obviously it was because of NQC and the fact that I was providing regular reports. While it would be cool if I could continue keeping up that rate of hits, I fear I’ll have to wait before I get that kind of activity again. So far though, I’ve maintained an average consistently higher than what I had before. So it may be that I picked up some new readers.

With all that in mind, I thought now might be a good time to do something I’ve wanted to do for a while: Take a poll to see if I can get a rough idea of how many of the people who read this blog are southern gospel artists, people in the industry, and simply fans. You don’t have to be a regular follower to take part in the poll—if you’re reading this because you like southern gospel, that’s all that’s required. I haven’t decided how long to leave it open—perhaps until I get a sample I’m happy with. 🙂 Meanwhile, pick the description that best fits you:


17 thoughts on “Poll: Who’s Reading This Blog?

  1. Matt Paasch asks:

    “Hmmmm…. I’ve been a fan for years.

    I sing in a local quartet that I started a few years ago. We don’t get to sing as much as I would like, but enjoy every chance we get!

    I also work for the big Southern Gospel radio station in Springfield MO (kwfc.org). I enjoy every minute of it! It allows me to be submersed in this music all day long!

    So, here’s a question…. what category do I fall under? ;)”

    Well Matt, I would assume that anybody who sings the music or works in the industry is a fan, so don’t worry about that—it’s why I was careful to word the “fan” option as “JUST a fan.”

    I would say pick whatever you are or have been most actively involved in. So Matt, your “day job” is working at a radio station, although on the side you sing a little with a local group. I’d say “work in the industry” would best describe you.

      1. Because if you are the proprietor, it’s pretty strange for you to be going around to other blogs and saying you “found” a new one. Why not simply say, “Hey, I’m a new blogger, and this is my site”?

        Then again, maybe you’re not going to respond to me, because “Steve” isn’t a real person. That’s a possibility. 🙂

  2. As you know, YGG, we sing and preach nearly every night but we don’t do major singings (although I would try to fit “Uncle Bill” in if he called. Lol) so we tune into your site as fans. We love the music and love to keep up with the news.
    Glad your traffic is up. Thanks for every time you drop in to our blog as well. You are always welcome.
    Davy, Kelly and Odie

    1. Thanks Davy. It would have been fine for you to vote “artist” as well (considering I reviewed something of yours on my site 🙂 ) However, even with you guys voting fan, I’ve still had about a dozen people vote “artist.” More than I’d expected!

  3. Steve Logan

    That fine. Be that way. I have read all of the blogs on here for months and have never really gotten comfortable to commenting since I am new to them. Just thought I found a new one no one knew about. I guess this is one less blog I will read on a daily basis. Sorry.

    1. It’s all right Steven. Don’t take it personally—now that I know you aren’t just a bot and really thought the blog you’d found was interesting, I should probably tell you that it does look like it might not be real. For example, the constant ads at the bottom of every post are a tip-off.

      Sorry if I offended you. I’m just a little wary, that’s all. By all means keep reading. Hope you enjoy.

      1. However, I must point out the fact that when I tried to send an e-mail to your address, it gave me a server error saying that the address was non-existent. That’s not going to go over well with the people whose blogs you read.

      2. AmyH

        Yeah, seriously I had decided it was a bot and didn’t want to click the link until I saw that it was a real person who left a second comment.

        Spam comments are getting really popular now, and I even did ten minutes of Google research a while back on paid comments which was kind of enlightening. Glad to know this was for real!

      3. It does look that way in this case. But I’ve read about that too. I’ve been contemplating whether or not to do a post with some of the funny spam comments I’ve received. I almost never get inappropriate comments—most of the time it’s a garbled attempt to sound like a human. It can be hilarious.

  4. steve logan

    Gotcha. Will check on the email. Thanks. Really do enjoy your blog. Glad I know what you think of it now. New to it all. Will be checking back. God bless.

  5. David Mac

    Just a far-away-fan, YGG!

    Due to a change in direction in mission life, I don’t have the luxury of the time i used to have to be a regular commentor… I do trawl across most SG blogs at some point in the week, and there are more and more to trawl through too!!

    I have enjoyed your line of thought way back since NSF [who he?] days. YGG, most everybody was blogging on NQC Week, so the visitors could have been spread abroad, but I think – and I said before – you really got the “feeling” and “I was there” reaction down on paper! [Yeah, I know!]

    It’s not a big surprise that you got a traffic record in the week. Back Row, FNR, MS, BB, SM, SGB, even A#### etc. are all worth a punt, but the Priscilla Division is as good as the Aquilas!!

    Keep it up – studies and all – sister! God bless all wherein His kingdom is exalted!

    1. Thank you David. I’m glad I invested the time in those off-the-cuff writeups, even if they did eat into my sleep time. 🙂

      A####. Ha! Actually, he didn’t say much about NQC this year. He was left (almost) speechless by its appalling awfulness. Which is just as well.

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