Saturday Survey #3

Stuff I thought was interesting this week, southern gospel-related or otherwise:

*Those of us who purchased the NQC webcast are still having to be patient as all the performances are slowly uploaded On Demand. Parts of Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday are still missing. This includes two of Brian Free & Assurance’s appearances and the Booth Brothers’ last appearance, among many other things. Get this fixed, please? I can understand slowness on the Friday and Saturday stuff, but Monday and Tuesday, still? Come on!

*Our anonymous artist is starting to get specific with his critiques. Whether or not you agree, they are certainly interesting. Here are his random musings on “the ladies’ part” (in which he confesses that he would choose Wes Hampton over David Phelps if he were putting together a quartet). Suffice it to say that he is confusing all of us as to who he really is, which is probably just as well.

* Recently I read two CD reviews that convinced me to get the projects being reviewed. They are Brian Fuson’s take on the multi-artist Squire Parsons tribute project and Eaton & Murray’s Must Buy Or Not double-take on the Wilburns’ major debut (read it either here or here). I hope to offer my own take on both albums if I can find the time once I get them.

*A word on hymn-writing from Fernando Ortega. Valuable read. Plus you can hear the title hymn of his new CD Come Down O Love Divine. What’s not to love?

*Photo of the week: What happens when you give a bored Star Wars fan a set of crayons…

Come to think of it though, isn’t the white one a little short for a Stormtrooper…?

And finally, our anonymous artist said in his random musings on bass singers that Pat Barker could be the best on the road right now. I agree. Here’s a little proof for anyone who still needed convincing. (And by the way, just so nobody looks at any of the artists in this particular clip suspiciously, I very much doubt that Mr. Anonymous is among them. 😉 ):


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