“It is Well” — Wes Hampton solo version

A while back I found this video on Youtube of Wes Hampton leading worship and singing “It is Well.” I wanted so badly to embed and share it, except the audio and video were out of sync. So I decided to synchronize it and upload the fixed version to Godtube.

Most people have heard Wes sing this song as a duet with Steve Green, and that’s the arrangement on his solo album. But this is the only time I’ve heard him sing it by himself a la David Phelps, with the high note on the phrase “as a scroll.” Watch him take it and nail it here. (Note: The second verse is sung by a different guy I don’t recognize—his style isn’t my cup of tea, but it doesn’t really matter. Also, Wes and the choir aren’t quite on the same page all the time, but again, doesn’t really matter.)

Hope that made your Sunday a little brighter. Click here to rate (if you’re a Godtube member), comment, share, etc…


5 thoughts on ““It is Well” — Wes Hampton solo version

  1. Hampton sometimes seems to get overshadowed by some of the better-known members of the Gopher Band. Personally, he’s one of my favorite (and obviously I think best) singers that have been with them.

      1. Oops. Long story! I started saying that when my son was young . . . now I use it without thinking! Obviously I meant no disrespect to the Vocal Band! 😀

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