“Midnight Cry”: Craig West’s Farewell

Hat tip Josh. We all hoped Craig West would sing “Midnight Cry” with Gold City one last time at NQC. What a moment that would have been! Fortunately, even though that didn’t happen, we do have footage of one of his last performances of the song, just weeks before at Silver Dollar City. I have now seen the new guy do this, and while he has a good voice… nobody could touch Craig. I think he was probably the best lead singer they ever had. His power and range… almost Penrod-like at times. Just unbelievable. Goodbye, Craig. We’ll miss you:


10 thoughts on ““Midnight Cry”: Craig West’s Farewell

  1. Hmmm…I won’t dispute that West has good power and range, but I prefer the recently posted rendition by Pelfrey much, much more. The melody was unrecognizable for most of the 2nd verse here, and he was almost a full measure behind. I know he did it on purpose, not on accident, but I wish folks would just sing the song.

    1. You know Brian, I can totally see where you’re coming from too, and ordinarily I also prefer it when singers stick with the melody. However, I think it may be that this particular song seems to drag without a little “spice” to it. The variations make it more interesting for me.

  2. Nathan

    Wow! That’s an impressive range!

    His voice actually reminds me of an early version of Michael English.
    Maybe that’s just me…

  3. I think I have to agree here. I kept watching the new guy waiting for a *wow* note, but it never came. Maybe it will in time, but it didn’t that night

  4. Anybody can sing Midnight Cry straight. Can you imagine how boring a world it would be if everyone sang a song straight, Craig is a great vocalist, and I’m sad to see him go.

  5. Pity Chris left the group. That is my favorite type of lead singer, power and that dynamic streak that sets them apart from the pack. Can’t think of many singers who made such an impact as Chris did in such a short time. Testament to his ability!

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