A Simple Word From Confucius

It’s been said that a disciple of Confucius asked him, “What would you think of a man who was loved by everybody in his village? Would you want to be that man?”

Confucius responded, “No I would not. It is not enough to be loved by everyone. One must be loved by the good people and hated by the bad people.”

This is my life motto, and recent circumstances have brought it back to mind. I thought others might profit from it as well.


2 thoughts on “A Simple Word From Confucius

    1. 😀

      Actually, our experiences you-know-where weren’t even the most immediate thing I had in mind here. I’ve been encountering some much more direct nastiness elsewhere (one example being a comment I just spammed which basically said “I just want you to know that you’re a jerk and everyone hates you and I had to tell you so. Have a blessed day.”)

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