Weatherfords’ In the Garden to be Released on CD

I just saw this news on Musicscribe. I’m stunned! When our friend Auke set out to collect his signatures, he was told privately that nothing would come of it, but he wanted to do it anyway. I don’t know what the causal chain was that led to this, but whatever happened, a lot of people are going to be thrilled. I noticed that my friend Terry Franklin took time to sign the petition, as well as many other people who remember the project and just want to have a high-quality copy. I know that for myself I’ve always been curious to hear what the fuss was about. 🙂

Pigs are flying! Hallelujah!


5 thoughts on “Weatherfords’ In the Garden to be Released on CD

  1. quartet-man

    I wouldn’t have thought a petition would help either as it is hard to get enough signatures to even make a dent and then you have to get the petition in the right hands. Also, they say online petitions are easy enough to manipulate or fake that some don’t buy them anyhow.

    I don’t know if or how the petition affected this, but I am glad it is being released. However, I don’t know that RCA is the label which really would be even more of a stretch to get done. Although the album is respected, something like the Blackwoods would be more profitable for them and even then I don’t know how well they would sell today.

    1. quartet-man

      Lol, BTW Auke, my statement was a fact, it was truthfully that I don’t know what or if it did (either way). If it did help, great because it might not have gotten done had you not. If it didn’t, it did get its name out there and on peoples’ minds whether or not the powers to be saw it or not.

  2. AmyH

    Wow! I’m astounded too! Now I just have to get the money together. 😦

    I saw one of these for sale on Ebay a few years ago for forty-some dollars.

  3. Chaz

    Do we have proof that RCA is indeed releasing it? Or is it (much like many of the other vintage Southern Gospel re-releases) just a burnt copy from a fairly good LP transfer job? Either way, I want one – but I wanted to pose the question, nonetheless.

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