Announcing a Short Hiatus and a Self-Challenge

Here’s the announcement: For a full week, I’m going to take a break from blogging.

But not only that, I’m challenging myself to abstain from even checking any of the blogs I regularly check for updates, or leaving comments there.

If you knew how much time I spend just going around to the many, many blogs and websites that I read, on all kinds of topics, you would know that this is going to be a bit of a challenge. But I think I just need to pull back. It really is its own kind of addiction, and even though I obviously plan to return to some kind of controlled pattern, I need to break away cold turkey for a limited time.

I actually had to think a little about how I would spend the spare time this will give me in the coming week. But it didn’t take long for ideas to start coming. Why, with all that time…

I could be spending time with my family…

Re-learning some of Bach’s two-part inventions…

Trying out a new recipe

Digitizing some cassette tapes…

Working on unfinished music videos…

Clearing out my inbox…

Clearing out my hard-drive…

Cleaning my room…

Re-reading The Princess Bride…

Sky diving…

Rocky mountain climbing…

Going two point seven seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu…

Okay, so part of that wasn’t original. (Hint: It was the part that started with sky diving.) Anyway, I will still be handling and responding to your comments this week, so don’t worry about a comment of yours sitting around in moderation for seven days.

See you in a week! Here’s a parting gift: Have you always loved U2’s music but secretly thought the lyrics were pretentious and Bono’s voice insufferable? Well okay, so maybe there are only two of you who fit that description, but I know I do at any rate. Well, enter Trace Bundy and Sungha Jung. Thanks to fridaynightrevival, I discovered this glorious cover of “With or Without You” (arranged by Jacques Stotzem, whose original is also worth watching). No lyrics! No singing! Just juicy acoustic goodness. I can’t believe six people disliked this on Youtube. Six people are idiots.

And I did a little digging of my own and found this Trace Bundy solo cover of “Where the Streets Have No Name.” Understand that I’m clueless about all things acoustic guitar, but all I know is dude can play, and he’s got some WICKED cool bells and whistles to make it swell and delay and do all kinds of stuff. Bask in the radiance with me:

Boy am I glad U2 recorded those songs so that Trace Bundy could cover them twenty-five years later.

Yeah, go ahead and stone me. Like I care.


14 thoughts on “Announcing a Short Hiatus and a Self-Challenge

    1. Good question! There are actually several that I would recommend adding. One is Southern Gospel Review, which is a very focused, well-written blog.

      Another is Minnesota SG Fan. I often hat tip Josh for newsy things.

      Also, I believe you haven’t added Friday Night Revival yet. Somewhat like me, he blogs on a variety of topics, but he regularly blogs southern gospel-related things.

      And may I just say, I would recommend all three of these blogs over and above Averyfineline, which you do have on your blog roll. I can’t make you take him off, but honestly his blog is really little more than a place for nasty folks to sit around and carp, share “dirt,” etc. Avery himself is careful to place himself “above the fray” in most cases, but what that ends up meaning is that his filthy commentators run the show.

      Just my .02.

  1. Wow! Brave soul! I don’t know if I could do this. Of course, I have to limit myself naturally, since I don’t have a computer at home. 🙂

    When you make those cookies can you just…sorta…mail them to me?

  2. Good for you, YGG! 🙂 Your hiatus will be a challenge, but worth it! (Hmm, why does this hiatus thing seems rather familiar to me? 😉 )

    Oh, I also like the cleaning room part; it almost makes me want to check how underneath my bed is looking… 😆 (Just kidding!)

    1. Lydia

      For anyone who wants to clean under a bed: I’ve recently bought one of those low-tech, old-fashioned, carpet sweeper thingies. They do pretty well at getting carpet under beds. Only downside is that you have to get the dust bunnies and stuff off the brushes and out of the trays by hand, which is a bit yucky. But if you have any electric wires under the bed (for a lamp, computer, or electric blanket) it can be pretty hard to vacuum safely, and some vacuums don’t fit under anyway.

      Oh, and you have to sweep only one direction with the carpet sweeper (pushing). Otherwise, if you go back and forth, it’s like a clothes brush–it brushes the stuff back off on the carpet. I think it’s worth it to have one. They’re cheap, lightweight, and kinda fun to use.

  3. Oops, my mistake! 🙂 I would appreciate if you wouldn’t mind adding me to your blog roll someday though. Your blog seems to be pretty popular, so I might get a little traffic from your readers.

  4. Thanks for suggestions re blogs to add to our enLighten News & Views page … a page of latest output that’s automatically updated once an hour.

    We’re about to roll out a revised website design and I’ll have our webmaster add these to feeds we source.

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