Saturday Survey #5

*At long last, Gold City has released Somebody’s Coming with Dan Keeton and Jerry Pelfrey. From various reviews that have been circulating, and from sound clips, it actually doesn’t sound too bad.

*Burke has spotted a reunion of the Gold City 80s supergroup in Florida. He’s calling for a full-fledged reunion video.

*Check out Phil on Southern Gospel’s review of Signature Sound in England. Here’s my favorite of the video clips he posted. “Walk With Me” with a no-microphones encore. To all those who claim EHSS can’t sing… take that.

*Speaking of Signature Sound, I found a really nice Romanian interview with Ernie and the guys. It’s about 15 minutes long, and you’ll hear some things Ernie’s discussed in other interviews before, but there’s more to it than that. (For one thing, they share stories from the current European tour.) Plus it’s especially charming because the interviewer speaks English as a second language. It’s fun and instructive to watch how Ernie crafts his answers in a way that will be clear and understandable for her. I especially liked his answer to her question about how they muster the energy to perform on nights when they don’t feel like performing. Here’s a good quote from an answer to a different question: “I think our style of music is as worthy as any style of music to be polished, for His glory. So all we do when we’re singing for Him is reflecting Him. And it’s not our talent that brings Him glory, it’s our very best effort that gives Him glory.”

*Finally, the world apparently hit a population of 7 billion the other day. Here’s a moving letter to the 7 billionth baby from the Pyromaniacs’ “centurion,” Frank Turk.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Survey #5

  1. Just for clarification, i did not take the videos, from the angle and closeness, i’m guessing it as somebody in the row behind me.

    When Ernie hit that big note of his without his microphone, my ears started to crackle slightly… it was loud!

    1. Ah, okay, then Josh was right. I know, he can really belt it out! I remember reading about a time when electricity was out and he sang “Little Is Much” without a microphone… you could have heard a pin drop.

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