Saturday Survey #6

*Does anyone know when or if Michael Booth’s new solo album will be available?

*Don’t miss David Bruce Murray’s commentary on who we would nominate for what if southern gospel were a political party.

*Congratulations are in order for Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife. They became grandparents  the other day!

*Here’s a great clip from the Christian radio program Wretched featuring Pyromaniac Phil Johnson as a call-in guest, dissecting James MacDonald’s ad for next year’s Elephant Room. As some of you may or may not be aware, MacDonald has invited T. D. Jakes to participate on the panel even though he is widely known as a modalist heretic. It’s an eye-opening discussion on the importance of removing ourselves from people who do not preach the same gospel. The Team Pyro guys are great. I feel accepted when I’m around them. I won Dan Phillips over with my (from memory) impression of the Joker’s “And I thought my jokes were bad” laugh over an article that deserved it, and the rest is history. Even though I got the exact syllables of the laugh totally wrong (I didn’t have nearly enough “ha-has”).

*Yesterday was Veterans’ Day. I thought about my next-door neighbor, who was a veteran of WWII and went home to be with the Lord just this fall. To the men who have served this country faithfully, thank you. Make it home.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Survey #6

  1. Patricia

    Michael Booth’s solo project is out you can get it at their concerts and I’m sure you can order it online at the store it’s everlasting truth and it’s very good!

  2. Patricia

    Are you going to see them any time soon you could get it then I’m sorry it’s not on their website you might want to call the office their mom works the office she still might be able to help you get a copy ? I really enjoy the cd it has a little jazz in it but it is very relaxing music also Lari Goss helped on the arrangements so it’s set up really nice !

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