My Take on “Breath of Heaven,” Testing a Blue Yeti

I recently got a Blue Yeti microphone. I’m very, very happy with the sound. I decided to record myself singing “Breath of Heaven” with it. But because I’m a perfectionist, it took me a while to get something I really liked. I’m still not totally happy with the end result, but it will have to do. I was singing through a lot of junk in my throat when I recorded this (getting over that cold), so bear in mind it isn’t me at my best. 😉 Still, it’s a nice take, and one of my favorite songs to sing. I enjoy putting my style to it. I hear a lot of people singing it in an incredibly breathy style. Even Grant’s original is very breathy (though far from the worst I’ve heard). But I think it’s a lot more effective when sung cleanly and directly. Besides, I can’t really do the breathy thing anyway—just can’t wrap my voice around it. Which is just as well, I think. Anyway, enjoy, and don’t be shy about commenting. This was a single take with no pitch correction (and yes, I’m afraid there’s a spot or two where you can tell). In case anyone’s curious, I’ve had a little bit of voice training this fall, but beyond that nothing formal.


2 thoughts on “My Take on “Breath of Heaven,” Testing a Blue Yeti

  1. My wife is getting me a blue yeti for Christmas. Well I’m assuming she is since it was on my “short list” 🙂 I’m encouraged to hear your demo of it. Sounds like it will be a great and easy way to at least get some vocal demos done. Thanks for posting and sharing your recording. Good job on your recording. I always appreciate a “real and raw” recording.

    1. Thanks! I have encountered some “buzzing” if I belt out a loud, high note while standing too close to the Yeti, but I think if you experiment with distances, you’ll find something that works for you.

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