Borrowing: “Lazarus” by Wes King

Time for another entry in the “borrowing” series. I’ve got a BOATLOAD of ideas in this category… just trying not to dump them all on you at once. Stay tuned for many more to come!

Wes King is one of my favorite artists nobody’s heard of. He’s an accomplished songwriter who’s worked with legends in Christian music. Classic songs to his credit include Michael W. Smith’s acclaimed “This is Your Time.” But he’s also an excellent musician and performer. I enjoy many of the songs he wrote and recorded himself. One of my favorites is a tune called “Lazarus.” This has a great 90s feel to it. It starts out in a minor key and explodes into a fetching chorus: “There’s a little Lazarus in all of us. Come on, let it rise… Let it rise…”

It didn’t take long for me to peg this as a potentially awesome number for the Talleys. Put it in a different key and it would work great for Lauren, or they could leave it as is and let Brian handle it. It has a similar feel to “He’s Alive.” Can’t you just hear them bringing down the house with this?


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