Met Jeff Taylor In the Flesh Last Night…

Well. My weekend just got way cooler. On Saturday I saw Keith and Kristyn Getty in concert with a live band and mass choir. Suffice it to say, you would have had to be blind and deaf not to enjoy yourself thoroughly. The quality of music was absolutely top-notch. And among the band musicians, who should I see but Jeff Taylor!

But wait, it gets better. Afterwards, he and two of the other (fantabulphenomelomenal) musicians came out and did a casual jam session in the reception room, up-close and personal. I caught video of two performances which I hope to post on Godtube (unfortunately we’re having camera issues which I hope we can resolve—there’s something hogging the battery). I even got to chat a little with him about Kevin Williams’ _Acoustic Sunday_.

So next week I hope to meet Buddy and Kevin, because… I’m going to a Gaither Homecoming concert this Friday! That’s right. Pray that we’ll resolve camera issues BEFORE then.


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