Saturday Survey #9

*I gave and received many southern gospel presents this Christmas. Mostly Booth Brothers stuff. I gave copies of their Live in Lakeland and Live At Oak Tree DVDs, as well as Michael Booth’s new solo CD and their Christmas album. I received the Booth Brothers’ Live in Lousiville, a rare solo project by Ernie Haase called Amen, a VHS tape of the Cathedrals’ Deep in the Heart of Texas, and Buddy Greene’s Harmonica Anthology. Not to mention the projects I got handed for free at that Gaither concert. 🙂

*I could also consider it a Christmas gift that I was given access to the final masters of Ernie Haase & Signature Sound’s upcoming project Here We Are Again. I have not yet received permission to review it, but when I do, it will be generally positive. Fans of the group will love it, and it may draw in some new fans as well.

*Denny Burk has provided a Bible reading plan for the New Year. I would recommend adopting it. At four to five chapters a day, it is not challenging as long as you stick to it consistently. I’ll give it a try and see how I do!

*I know that I failed miserably with my “Christmas favorites” series. While we’re still within the twelve days of Christmas, I hope to get out a couple more. There’s always next year!

*Pirate swashbuckling meets Indiana Jones meets eye-popping animation meets a family-friendly screenplay? A la Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and John Williams? Bring it on.

*Daniel Mount was recently talking about early home videos featuring Ernie Haase and Scott Fowler. Here are two that I really like. You can tell that Haase and Fowler are both a little green, but they are still memorable performances. It’s the only footage I can find of Ernie singing “Gloryroad.” Both videos were taken at the same concert, right at the transition from Trammell to Fowler. So Mark is still on stage. That makes Scott’s performance of “Who Am I” one of his first with the Cathedrals. There’s some great banter with George teasing him about his age. He’s got that cute squeak that crept into much of his young vocal work (and still lingers now), but still, there’s a really nice tone to his voice here. And he, Ernie and Glen made a great trio even then.


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