Saturday Survey #10

*Here’s the 2012 schedule for NQC. (I for one am amazed they post these so dang EARLY. It’s barely past Christmas of 2011.) I’ll save my full reactions for a separate upcoming post.

*Rick Santorum once again takes heat for taking a stand on the gay “marriage” issue. I really was impressed by the way he handled himself in that clip, even though he conceded a few things I wouldn’t have conceded. Yet more evidence that being nice doesn’t get you anywhere. Here he is almost being too gracious, and he still gets booed. You’ll probably hear more from me on Santorum later.

*Gordon Mote is on twitter. Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

*Ernie Haase is celebrating 25 years of professional singing this year. To allow fans to celebrate with him, they’ve set up a Facebook competition. Check it out.

*Here’s what you get when an English professor writes a book on Southern Gospel. One word: Oy.

*Yesterday, I tried to describe this particular Singing Success technique to my voice teacher. You should have seen her face. I suspected she’d react that way, so I smiled and said, “Okay, so now I definitely know I’m not supposed to do this, right?” “Uh… no.” She’s hilarious. She’ll start naming x or y big-name singer, then lower her voice and say, “She had nodules too.” “Ever hear of so-and-so? Well, she’s like the most famous opera singer ever. Nodules.  Of course Whitney had nodules… And Julie Andrews, well.”

*Speaking of singing, I’ve discovered that my break is higher than Whitney Houston’s. I realize everyone was just dying to know that. 😀 Actually, that’s not as impressive as it sounds, because it means I have to work on notes that were easy for her, and I’m not talking about the super high ones. It’s the ones right in the middle—well, right in the middle for me, that is. What would be a comfortable upper range belt for her lands right in the place where I’m trying to bridge the gap between upper and lower. Steadily improving though. Meanwhile, Celine Dion is way easier to imitate (not sure if this is good or bad).

*School starts next Monday. Sad yankeegospelgirl.

*Coming up: My favorite southern gospel songs of the year. Stay tuned.

It’s an open thread. What do you want to discuss?


12 thoughts on “Saturday Survey #10

  1. quartet-man

    Oh, your comment about the voice teacher and her reaction is so funny. I watched the video and that is not a good idea at all.

    1. The writer himself is gay, and even though he likes to go about it a bit more suavely than normal, he’s used his interest in southern gospel to push his own personal gay agenda. He’s particularly fond of poking fun at the religious right and anyone he considers to be a stuffed-shirt fundie, painting them as cartoonish, hypocritical buffoons with no artistic discernment (unlike himself, of course). Meanwhile, he makes a point of identifying himself with gay artists and anyone who’s closer to his side of the political spectrum.

      In short, it has nothing to do with southern gospel and everything to do with politics.

      I hadn’t anticipated getting into a long discussion about the book, so hopefully my answer will suffice and we can move on to more profitable topics.

      1. He only makes reference to it once in a while, so it’s understandable that you didn’t realize it. I myself didn’t realize it for quite a while, but I did by the time I started my own blog. Now you know why he was never on my blog roll in the first place!

        There are other reasons why Avery doesn’t belong on your blog roll though, like the fact that he basically lets his commentators say whatever they want, even if it’s foul-mouthed and junky. Occasionally he’ll step in to keep somebody from spreading detailed gossip about some individual person, but that’s about it.

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