NQC 2012: My Thoughts

–I for one actually enjoyed the pairing setups for emcees and am sorry to see the shift to solo. There was some fun chemistry in 2011. I particularly enjoyed Brian Free and Sheri Easter, Michael Booth and Susan Whisnant, and Gerald Wolfe and Karen Peck.

–Yay for all quartet night. Someone was listening. I notice that Paul’s Journey is getting a slot—good for them. They impressed me last year.

–Am I the only one who’s actually sad to see the King’s Heralds gone for the acapella moment? They always had the best blend of anyone. Not that I’m crying over hearing more of the Sisters though.

–No idea why the Nelons weren’t on mainstage last year. Glad to see they will be this year.

–I’ll be interested to see whether Signature Sound has a scheduling conflict and drops NQC this year for that reason. Could it be signaling a new trend if so?

–Correct me if I’m wrong, but at a glance it seems like Soul’d Out has just one slot. That seems a little odd with the addition of Hutson.

I guess the Booth Brothers and Brian Free & Assurance are being given first and second slots after being forced to go last or nearly last most nights in 2011. Even though I understand the logic behind “saving the best for last,” as people have commented it didn’t even work like it was supposed to (Booth Brothers weren’t featured on the live DVD partly because of the empty seats), and I could tell it was brutal on the singers. Brian Free and Michael Booth in particular seemed to be feeling the strain. So I’m glad these two groups are getting a break this year.

[Edit: I somehow missed that the groups are listed alphabetically. Scratch all that. But I DO hope those groups don’t get saddled with the last slots again.]


3 thoughts on “NQC 2012: My Thoughts

  1. I was disappointed about the King’s Heralds not being included on quartet night. I know that coming up with an NQC schedule is no easy task. I am glad to see a quartet night, and that Jason Crabb will be singing 2 nights instead of one this year.

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