My Favorite Southern Gospel Songs of 2011, Part 2

Here are my top five southern gospel songs of the year.

5. The Crossing, Crabb Revival (written by Gerald Crabb)First time I heard this, I thought “Instant classic.” Others have agreed with me.

4. We Will Stand Our Ground, Kingdom Heirs (written by Dianne Wilkinson) — Chalk yet another one up to Miss Dianne. She keeps churning out great stuff, and this is one of her best yet. A tremendously needed message for our time. Read the story behind the song here.

3. Jesus is Holding My Hand, Doug Anderson (written by Lyn Rowell and Wendy Wills) — Read my interview with these two ladies on how this song came to be written here. It’s sweetly crafted, a little gem of a piece.

2. On the Banks of the Promised Land, Karen Peck and New River (written by Jason Dyba, David Moffitt, and Sue Smith) — Somebody say WELL-CRAFTED? I can’t get over how well written this song is. Read Sue Smith’s story behind the song here.

Drum roll, please. Are you ready for my #1 song of 2011? Here it is…

*1. A Cross Became My Saving Grace, Wilburn & Wilburn (written by Dianne Wilkinson and Joseph Habedank)* — Dianne Wilkinson was instrumental in the success of Wilburn & Wilburn’s new album, and together with Joseph, she has crafted the song that takes home #1 honors for my list of best southern gospel songs from 2011. For me, it recalls classic inspirational ballads from the 80s and 90s. Flawless writing.

Below are honorable mentions for other songs I liked that didn’t make it onto the list. They are not arranged in any particular order.

Honorable Mentions, ballads:

Ask Me Why, Legacy Five

My Child is Coming Home, the Browns

Loving Shepherd, Gracious God, the Kingsmen

A Different Light, Chris Golden

Like I Wish I’d Lived, Greater Vision

I Still Need Him, Mark Bishop

The Master’s Table, Booth Brothers

I Won’t Trade My Crown, Down East Boys

I’ll Take What’s Left, Doug Anderson

Honorable mentions, mid-to-up-tempo:

A Savior Saves, Doug Anderson

The Worth of it All, the Browns

You’ll Still Be There, Wilburn & Wilburn

Let it Be Known, Booth Brothers

Living In the Palace, Legacy Five

Almost Home, Triumphant Quartet

Just Preach Jesus, Kingdom Heirs

Eternity’s About to Begin, Greater Vision

His Beloved the Redeemed, Down East Boys


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