Saturday Survey #11: Doug Harrison’s New Book Cover, Tim Tebow, And More…

I’ve decided to give a little added info next to each Saturday Survey to make them a bit easier to distinguish from each other. Assuming readers won’t mind!

–A non-SG blogger who happens to be a fan of southern gospel music has been holding a fascinating discussion over what legal recourse the singers on the front cover of Doug Harrison’s upcoming book might have under Illinois State law. There is a code saying that a person’s image may not be used without permission “for commercial purposes,” but opinions differ as to exactly what that means, and whether it could apply here. But there is some evidence that it could. Of particular interest is this directly relevant page of legal advice, which explicitly states that commercial purposes can “include use of the individual’s identity on or in connection with the offering for sale or sale of a product,” concluding, “So if you wish to use someone’s name, image, or other identifiable attribute in advertising or in connection with sale of goods or services, you should first obtain that person’s consent! ” So whether or not Scott Fowler, Mark Trammell, etc. feel motivated to go full-bore with a law-suit of University of Illinois Press, it is at least well worth their while to seek legal advice on the matter.

–Brian Crout has ranked Gold City’s Pillars of Faith #9 out of the 15 GC albums in his collection. We are shocked, shocked. [EDIT: Brian actually has many more than 15 GC albums in his collection. These are just the 15 that made it into his top 100. Sorry Brian. :)]

–I will be posting a review of Ernie Haase & Signature Sound’s new album next Monday. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, read this interview with Ernie Haase about it here. It’s hard to believe that I was conducting an interview with him only a year ago…

–Check out this clip of Karen Peck from Joyful Noise that everyone’s been passing around. Here’s a sweet little interview clip with her too. Karen sounds awesome. As for the movie… Karen sounds awesome.

–Tebow’s made another believa. Man, that guy is so embarrassing. Just not in the way everyone else thinks he’s embarrassing.

–But hey, speaking of embarrassing… apparently nobody told this guy that he acts like a whiny teenager who needs to get a life, learn how to think and how not to smirk (taken lessons from Hayden Christensen, he has), and how to find two words that actually rhyme together. I do recommend the always-solid Kevin DeYoung’s methodical dissection of it, but I think he’s far too generous to the kid. For one thing, he appears to be under the impression that our little punk friend is writing (*muffled choke*) POETRY. HAHAHAHA! Seriously, “mention” and “spectrum?” Say no more. Also, he may have missed this alternate version of the poem, in which Whiny Teen flies his true colors even more blatantly with the extra line: “See, one reason I hate religion is because they usually choose/To propagate the gay-hating Republican Jesus you usually see on Fox News.” Oh look, yet another young “revolutionary” who, at the end of the day, just wants to move the Church to the left. Yawn. Moving on…



10 thoughts on “Saturday Survey #11: Doug Harrison’s New Book Cover, Tim Tebow, And More…

  1. Just a slight correction. I have every album Gold City has ever recorded. Pillars of Faith is #9 of the 15 that are in the Top 100 countdown. Doesn’t really matter, but just in case someone thought “well, he doesn’t have enough to anything about their music.” 🙂 Thanks for the link.

      1. I’m not shocked, but maybe surprised, at Brian’s ranking. The thing to remember is that it is not a “Best of” ranking… it is Brian’s personal favorite. BIG difference. I have “Pillars of Faith” at #5 on my list of favorite GC recordings.

  2. The “poem” demonstrates the danger of expressing serious and complex topics via the simplistic and ambiguous means of pop medium (tweets/FB statuses/church signs, etc.).

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Now in fairness, it appears that he’s shown a surprising responsiveness to the criticism and has had some correspondence with a couple people like DeYoung saying he’s glad they criticized him and he wishes he’d done the video differently. Apparently he “cut loose” because he didn’t anticipate that the video would go viral, but in hindsight he would have trod with a little more care had he known. Still, I think it’s telling, because even if he has regrets now, it’s pretty clear that he was unleashing what he REALLY thought in those few minutes. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing for him to have an attitude change now, I’m just saying sometimes you get a little glimpse of where a person’s true allegiance lies, and once it’s out there, it’s hard to dismiss or cover up.

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