Rare Concert Video: Steve Green and Buddy Greene in Chile, c. 1990

It’s Green and Greene, in Spanish! Ran across this gem a while back and wanted to share it. Buddy was doing the ethno-harmonica thing even way back then! My Spanish is severely limited, but I can make out “Buddy” and “harmonica” in Steve’s intro. 😀

Also, check out this quartet performance of “Leaning On the Everlasting Arms,” featuring Buddy on tenor, Steve on lead,  his brother David on baritone, and a singer I don’t recognize named John G. Elliott on bass. Buddy proves quite dexterous on the guitar in this one.

I recommend browsing around and watching the other parts of the concert. Buddy Greene makes more guest appearances, and I think it’s fun to watch Steve Green perform his smash hits in Spanish. David appears again in a couple duets with Steve. He was a fine singer in his own right, and you can totally hear (and see) the family resemblance.


10 thoughts on “Rare Concert Video: Steve Green and Buddy Greene in Chile, c. 1990

      1. Amy Herrera

        It’s weird, but I finally noticed all smilies are centered on their own lines in the mobile version, even in your post.

  1. Ok. This is a blast from the past! It was May 26 of 1989. My best memory was following Buddy through the packed lobby into the auditorium and seeing him talking to every person he passed. They all looked confused. When we got to the dressing room Buddy asked me, “How do you say ‘How are you’ in Spanish”? I said, “Come esta?” He said, “then what does ‘Como se llama’ mean?” How funny. He had just asked 100 people what their name was as he walked by them!

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