Live Video: EHSS Sings New Material

Hat tip to Josh for drawing my attention to the footage from this Portland, Oregon concert on the 20th. Video was captured of several songs from EHSS’s brand new project. First of all, here’s Ian’s version of “Stand By Me.” Even though he needs to spend a bit more time learning the words, he has a great sound. It’s awesome to see the guys breaking out those moves, just like old times. Even Ian joined in at the end… sort of. 😛 The progress Devin has made during his tenure with the group is also very impressive and is on full display with his power tag at the end.

Perhaps the thing that impresses me most about this performance is that it was done entirely live—no tracks, no stacks. In the past, they have always had a track and at least some stacks. But now, what you see is what you get. I appreciate this effort to hold themselves to a higher standard of musicianship:

Also, here is my favorite song from the new album, “Sometimes I Wonder.” It is already striking a chord with many listeners. Enjoy Doug’s signature heartfelt performance:

See also “Any Other Man,” “I’ve Been Here Before,” and “You Are Welcome Here.”


25 thoughts on “Live Video: EHSS Sings New Material

  1. JSR

    They maybe should have kept “Stand By Me” retired. Everytime I hear Canton Junction I remember why I have a hard time getting excited about this version of EHSS.

    1. That’s probably partly because Tim’s voice is sounding better than ever with the rest he’s had. But I understand and can sympathize with your perspective. On the other hand, you really might be impressed with Ian’s sound on the song if you take a listen to the studio cut.

    2. If songs were retired everytime someone with a key solo leaves a group, Bill Gaither wouldn’t have any material to sell.

      Like I said in my own post, at first the song probably caught me off-guard more than anything. No, it’s not the same as Tim. But that’s okay because Ian isn’t Tim.

      1. JSR

        My point wasn’t that it should be retired forever…maybe just this wasn’t the singer to bring it out of retirement.

  2. steven

    Love the sound, music, band, new songs and energy of SSQ! Really want to get to see them live soon!
    I really enjoyed Ian with the imperials – just not quite digging him with SSQ – it may be the tim duncan factor.

    1. There are certain respects in which I think it would be fair to say that Tim is the better bass singer, and with him EHSS’s blend had, in my opinion, more cut and “oomph.” But Ian brings his own qualities to the table that fit well with the sound EHSS is looking for right now, particularly a facility in the upper register that Duncan has never had.

  3. Nate Stainbrook

    Love the performance by EHSS’s best singer Doug… 🙂

    And is it just me or are they wearing tennis shoes with those suits?!

  4. steven

    Just for a bit of pop culture, i really believe that its more about style than actual effectiveness. If you look at today’s younger stars, the trend is suits with tennis shoes

  5. Brigitte

    Hey remember me? This is Brigitte from NQC chat!!! 🙂 lol I’ve been really busy and also my laptop just came back from getting fixed so now I can be online more. EHSS are pretty good still but they have never been the same after Tim left in my humble opinion. This was always one of my favs by Tim.

    1. Hi Brigitte! Your name does sound familiar. It’s completely fine to express your opinion as long as it’s gracious. I know that for me personally Tim filled a special place because he was influential in drawing me into southern gospel music. Armond Morales was the first bass I heard and grew up with, but the kind of Imperials music I listened to was from their CCM era, so I wouldn’t say Armond was the first bass to introduce me to southern gospel. That was Tim.

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