The Week in Review #15: This and That and Paul Simon

I’m bone tired right now and just getting some tidbits from the week together. It’s been a long week… full of lots and lots of school and lots and lots of Paul Simon music. I’m a new fan, a bit late I know. Anyway I’m positive I couldn’t have survived this week without him. There were many beautiful moments when his music wove its way into what would ordinarily have been mundane, everyday occurrences—cleaning the bathroom, driving home from school, doing my homework… That tends to happen for me with good music. I’m constantly listening to something or other, so whatever I listen to essentially becomes the soundtrack of my life.

So what’s new in southern gospel or the world in general? Let’s see…

*It’s not too late to win a free online ticket to a Poet Voices concert. Follow the link here.

*The mother of all Best of Johnny Cash collections is in the works. Hat tip, DBM, read more about it here.

*Southern Gospel Critique really is all the way back now, and we SINCERELY hope they’re never hacked again!

*From assorted Facebook posts, it looks like Devin McGlamery of Signature Sound hurt himself while lifting weights and tore a muscle in his chest. He wasn’t present at their most recent concert [Update: Actually he was there and did sing a song, but sat out most of the evening.], and it looks as though he’ll need surgery. Keep Devin in your prayers! Ouch.

*Speaking of Signature Sound, their brand new album Here We Are Again is now available at all retail outlets. Go get it! It’s really good. I expect most of you have already read my review, but in case not, read it here.

*David Bruce Murray is just going ahead and saying it: Ernie Phillips… the Kingsmen… reunited… as Bill Gaither would say, why not?

*In the world of politics, Obama’s outrageous new health-care regulations have united Christians across the country in protest. The Senate Democrats successfully blocked a Republican attempt to repeal it. Big surprise there. This news item has happened to coincide with the fact that Susan G. Komen allowed itself to be arm-twisted into continuing to fund Planned Parenthood. You know that passage about crying “peace, peace” when there is no peace? Yeah, about that…

*Either I’m too tired to keep looking, or it’s been a quiet week. I’m guessing both. So I will leave you with… Paul Simon. This was the first song I heard from Graceland, and from that moment, I was hooked. As a matter of fact, that album just celebrated its 25th anniversary. There was something about the music of the song, it just put inexplicable tears of joy in my eyes because it was so richly infectious. I don’t know whether it was the horns, or the bass, or the “Ta-na-na-na-na…” or the wonderful, impossible blending of them all together.

Does everybody know what I’m talking about? I mean everybody here know exactly what I’m talking about?


It’s an open thread, which means you can talk about something else besides Paul Simon if you want to.


8 thoughts on “The Week in Review #15: This and That and Paul Simon

  1. Would you believe that this was the first I’ve heard about Devin’s injury? Times like this, it must be nice to have someone like Wayne Haun already on the bus. (I’m just assuming that he’s the replacement, no inside knowledge)

    1. Update: Just saw a post on Daniel’s blog from someone in attendance last night. Wayne indeed sangDevin’s part last night, but Devin came out in “street clothes” (sports term) for a surprise appearance and sang “I’ve Been Here Before.”

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