The Week in Review #16: NQC News, Devin McGlamery Update, Grammys Talk

*NQC has announced a new awards show. Naturally this will be seen as a replacement for the Singing News Fan Awards, which now appears to have landed in Dollywood indefinitely. The question is… do we need it? DBM has a discussion on his blog. Read the comments thread for further details from Clark Beasley himself.

*The second piece of NQC news, which I am MUCH more excited about, is a GVB Reunion showcase encore. It was such a smash last year somebody had the bright idea of bringing it back. Guy Penrod apparently WILL be at NQC, but so far it’s too early to specify who will or won’t take part in the showcase. However, I think it’s safe to say that there will be many eyebrows raised and questions asked if Guy doesn’t participate. Hopefully this means they can stage songs they didn’t stage last year, like “I Believe In a Hill Called Mount Calvary,” “The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference,” or “It is Finished.”

As for the other no-shows last year (including former tenors Jonathan Pierce and Terry Franklin), I think it’s an open question whether they’ll come, but I would be very happy if Terry could somehow squeeze it in around his worldwide ministry schedule. I joked on Swain’s blog that fingers crossed, Terry won’t be in Uzbekistan or something during NQC week. 🙂 His voice is still supple and strong after all these years, and he would add immensely to the showcase.

*Devin McGlamery had surgery on his left pectoral muscle this week and is recovering at home. He’s still in a lot of pain, and he’s been fighting nausea on top of that, so continue to keep him in your prayers.

*Want to see Wayne Haun smile? Finally, you can. Shhhhhh, no comments on the fishiness of the photo.

*Poet Voices: I will be watching one of their re-launch concerts this evening and writing something up afterwards. Who’s planning to be there with me? [Update: The concert for Saturday night has been canceled.] [Further Update: Technical problems plagued the ASGM team, and they were unable to broadcast on the 19th either. I don’t know if the 17th was a success or not.]

*I didn’t watch the Grammys, and I don’t really give a hoot about Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj or whoever has been making recent Grammy headlines. Perverted products of a perverted culture. Though I am disgusted by liberal Christian attempts to guilt-trip other Christians into “forgiving” Chris Brown, just like the Grammys “forgave” (read: re-marketed) him. Number one, why exactly do WE have to forgive Chris Brown, especially when some of us barely give any thought to his existence, and number two, since when has renewed elevation and celebration coupled with trivialization of past wrongs become the new definition of “forgiveness?”

Meanwhile, the really big news from the Grammys as far as I’m concerned is that Laura Story’s song “Blessings” captured top honors in the “Contemporary Christian Song” category. I am blown away. Not only am I blown away by the fact that a good quality Christian song became popular enough to be nominated for a Grammy (especially looking at a few of the other nominees), but I’m blown away that it actually WON. Way to go Laura. You can read a nice piece on her win here, which also details some of the backstory that inspired the song. In celebration of her victory, here is “Blessings”:

I hear this is also becoming a popular worship song, so the wasteland that is contemporary P & W has gotten a little boost in quality too.


6 thoughts on “The Week in Review #16: NQC News, Devin McGlamery Update, Grammys Talk

    1. It’s more than personal taste. Objectively speaking, the quality of modern praise and worship is on the mediocre side. And it matters whether we worship with excellence or not. “Blessings” simply is above-par, and I make no apology for saying so.

      1. JSR

        In all fairness, there isn’t much difference in SG and P&W. From a casual observer who isn’t loyal to any certain genre, SG & PW look a lot alike. They both are on the fringe and neither produce great moving songs on a consistent basis. I look on both as good clean entertainment, but neither is my No. 1 choice for spiritual encouragement. The “Phillips Craig and Dean”, “Casting Crowns”, or even “Kirk Franklin” Pandora stations offer much more thought provoking music than MOST (not all) SG or PW…I will now sit back and enjoy the gnashing of teeth. :-).

      2. That’s nothing compared to the gnashing of teeth that would result if I shared what’s on my favorite driving playlist, which contains not a single southern gospel, praise and worship, OR CCM song. 😀

        In all seriousness, what I would say is that you might be able to find a good message in the majority of CCM that’s being produced if you can get into the music. Me personally, I do like some Casting Crowns, and I love the old Phillips Craig & Dean, so I wouldn’t say those are the worst examples. But when I look at what’s generally topping the charts in CCM these days, I really have to pick and choose to find something that impacts me both lyrically and musically. That’s why I’m so excited by “Blessings.” It has the complete package. Generally I encounter a good message with music that isn’t my cup of tea, or something catchy with throwaway lyrics.

        I think it’s possible that if you listened to “the right” southern gospel, you’d encounter a wider range of well-crafted songs and be pleasantly surprised. Even though there is some fluff there as well, I believe that on average, good songs tend to rise to the top more quickly in southern gospel than praise and worship. I would recommend checking out the Booth Brothers’ two latest, Wilburn & Wilburn’s latest, or pretty much anything by Brian Free & Assurance if it’s good songs you’re after.

      3. However, if you were to put together the best of what CCM USED to be, combined with the best of today, then I would say you had some of the best music ever. I mean when you take the best of 4Him, Phillips Craig & Dean, Twila Paris, Steven Curtis Chapman, Amy Grant, Wes King, Michael Card, Steve Green, Fernando Ortega, Andrew Peterson, Mark Schultz… as I said, best music ever.

      4. JSR

        That’s nice. I agree with a lot of what you said.

        The Booth Brothers have some solid songs. I’ve enjoyed them quite a bit.

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