The Week In Review #17: Dove Awards Talk, Doug Wilson on Lent, and More

It’s been a long week, but I feel ready to tackle my midterms. Looking forward to a weekend of rest and preparation. Meanwhile, let’s look at the week as it went down in the rest of the world…

*Devin McGlamery is back on the bus with EHSS, but he’ll have to keep his arm immobile in a sling for three weeks, then go through half a year of physical therapy. Moral of the story: Maybe intense weight-lifting isn’t such a good idea?? We wish Devin the best as he continues to heal on the road.

*Dove Awards: Kyle Boreing has the scoop here, showing that southern gospel is faring rather well as far as Dove nominations are concerned, with nominations in several major categories like Song of the Year (“Please Forgive Me,” “Celebrate Me Home,” “I’ve Been Here Before”), Group of the Year (Gaither Vocal Band). Also, I saw on Beyond the Ashes’ twitter that they’ve been nominated for New Artist of the Year. In the Song of the Year category, “Who Am I” was also nominated, but I have no idea why, since it’s a decades-old song that just happened to be covered  by Jason Crabb in 2011! At any rate, I’m still plumping for “Blessings” to take home the bird this year. It’s the strongest nomination by a margin. (By the way, can somebody, anybody, explain why this bit of pablum continues to get recognized by anyone and nominated for anything, let alone a Grammy AND a Dove?)

Also, Wayne Haun has raked in his usual dozen or so nominations, though Jason Crabb’s publicist apparently jumped the gun by saying that Crabb was leading the number of nominations. His eight are impressive, but still, Haun is leading by a very wide margin. I’m not sure how this happened or how involved Jason himself was in the press release, but I hope someone gets this right.

*Some of you may or may not have been following the story of pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who faces execution in Iran for becoming a Christian. His execution order was just recently issued. We should pray that his life will be spared, but we should also pray that he will come to a fuller knowledge of God than he has now, since he disavows the Trinity. On one hand, his willingness to suffer martyrdom should be rightly admired. On the other hand, there is a sense in which he isn’t a true Christian. Either way, he needs prayer.

*Here is a great and very funny article by Doug Wilson on the potential dangers of fasting over Lent. Anyone with Catholic friends will completely relate to this.

*While browsing through Kevin DeYoung’s archives for February yesterday, I saw that he posted a couple more great car ads from the Super Bowl. I still haven’t found anything to top Ferris Bueller’s return, but these are pretty good:

*And finally… this blog has a birthday coming up! Be watching for a special post next week. 🙂 Just so there’s no confusion, I won’t be doing a giveaway or anything like that, but I do want to thank some people properly. So, as I said, look for that next week—in fact, Monday if I’m not mistaken.

It’s an open thread! What do you want to talk about?


7 thoughts on “The Week In Review #17: Dove Awards Talk, Doug Wilson on Lent, and More

  1. Thank you for including a necessary balance to the Nadarkhani stories. It’s not like we want anyone to die for his faith, but our prayers (as you indicate) really ought to be targeted more toward him surviving long enough to come to the truth!

  2. Hey YGG do u think maybe with all of the nominations that southern Gospel received that they might give some of our artist more than five minutes of singing time on the Dove Awards this year..

      1. Your hatred for anything other than SG is getting old. There is quality music outside of the SG world. Just because it doesn’t meet your specific musical tastes does not make it any less quality than something that does.

      2. Clearly you have never had a look at my ipod, or you’d bite your tongue over that comment. 😆

        There is still good music in CCM. Whether or not that quality is reflected in the quality of the Dove Awards is another matter altogether. There are also other considerations, such as atmosphere, marketing, etc.

      3. Let me just clarify something here: I enjoy and appreciate good quality music, period. This includes artists who are not even Christians. My favorite car playlist is entirely secular pop, jazz, rock, etc.

        The fact that I can’t appreciate popular CCM at the point to which it’s evolved through the years doesn’t negate that. In fact, it’s precisely because I appreciate good quality music wherever I find it that I can’t enjoy the majority of popular CCM right now. It doesn’t fit any of my definitions of quality music, southern gospel or otherwise.

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