The Week In Review #18: Tim Greene Trio Update, Return of Jedi Burke, Election Talk, Oscars Talk

*Update on Tim Greene: Turns out not only did he sever some muscles, he also broke some ribs, and according to the latest update via the Greenes’ Facebook page, he has a bruised lung and there are concerns about pneumonia setting in. He could be in the hospital into next week. Meanwhile, Stacy is in pain from his minor breaks and fractures but appreciates your prayers. It looks like he won’t need surgery. We have more info about the accident too—it was not a collision, it was a rollover caused by a gust of wind on muddy ground.

*The Palmetto State Quartet is a quartet no more. They are now a powerhouse assortment of six singers, including the rarity of two basses. Look for some interesting music from this new lineup.

*Wes Burke is one of my favorite bloggers, but duty has called him away from the blogosphere for a month or so. But he’s back now! Stay tuned for more good stuff from him.

*DBM made it out to a Michael W. Smith concert recently. Read his review here.

*Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney split the delegates in Michigan… or at least they should have. They split the regular delegates, and the two at-large delegates would ordinarily be split between two candidates who came out as close as Santorum and Romney did. But in a sleazy back-room move, the GOP voted to give both candidates to Romney. We can only guess what their reasons may have been. I swear, people seem to think Santorum is some kind of “GOP insider.” What a joke. This just goes to prove that even his own party is against him. Santorum has apparently filed a protest, but I doubt it will come to a thing.

*Well, the Oscars have come and gone. I know, yawn. However, I was surprised at how many decent movies came out this past year. Granted there was a ton of garbage too, but quite a few of even the most popular films were actually (gasp) watchable. And not merely watchable, but some of them actually (double gasp) good. A number of well-made films were directly targeted to a family audience, including Steve Spielberg’s War Horse, The Adventures of Tin-Tin (which one reviewer described as “not a typical kid’s movie,” meaning not loaded with crudeness and smut), and Hugo. And other films that weren’t necessarily directly aimed at families could still be reasonably enjoyed by some conservatives. Of course, everyone’s standards are different, and “watchable” by my standards could still cross a line for some people, but I consider myself squarely in the conservative demographic for movie-going audiences, and there are perhaps a half dozen to ten films from 2011 that are either on my “have watched” list or my “to-watch” list. Be watching for a few upcoming posts in which I discuss/review some of these films. To whet your appetite, here is the picture that won “Best Animated Short Film.” It’s all about books. It should warm the cockles of any committed book-lover’s heart, and it is truly gorgeous. You won’t regret the 15 minutes you spend watching it:

[Edit, 10/14: This link is broken and has been removed.]

It’s an open thread! Discuss away!


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