Poll and Discussion: Blog Atmosphere

Every blog has its own atmosphere. Even within just one particular field of interest, atmospheres can vary wildly. Witness the variety of blogs under the banner of southern gospel: Nobody could ever mistake Southern Gospel Blog, Musicscribe, An Artist’s Perspective or Averyfineline for each other.

Some of these blogs cover absolutely nothing but southern gospel music, or things that could be related to southern gospel in some way (like discussing groups or songs that could plausibly cross over or already have done so). Examples would be the aforementioned Southern Gospel Blog (with the exception of a weekly devotional and book review), Southern Gospel Critique, Nate’s Southern Gospel Ponderings, or Swain’s Musings. Others like Burke’s Brainwork are nearly entirely focused on southern gospel but just occasionally take a break for something like sports, secular music, etc. Others are more unpredictable, still having a strong focus on southern gospel but covering a broad range of topics that interest the author. Friday Night Revival falls into this category, as do I, and to some extent Musicscribe as well (though that blog maintains a predominant focus on music, as opposed to film, books, politics, etc.)

This last category is comfortable for me because I get to write about one very strong interest (southern gospel), but I also enjoy the freedom to explore other interests. That’s why I don’t have an “off topic” category for the blog—anything could be a topic! Good literature, good movies, good music of all kinds… I crave these things like chocolate, and I love to share my love for them with my readers. I also offer political and theological insight when I see an opportunity to speak truth, particularly on relevant topics in the church and the world today.

What I’m curious about is how this atmosphere suits my readers. I realize that not everybody is interested in everything, yet I  have tried to maintain regular southern gospel posting to keep fans of the music coming back for my perspective on it. And yet I like the atmosphere of variety, because I like writing about a variety of things. It suits me. The question is, does it suit you?

Here are two polls that’ll help me gauge where my readers are coming from on this. I’d also love to hear more detailed feedback in the comments. Just be candid, and as long as your thoughts are constructive, I’ll welcome them.


4 thoughts on “Poll and Discussion: Blog Atmosphere

  1. quartet-man

    The way I see it (within reason I am sure) that it is easy to read the things a person wants to read and not read the things that don’t interest them.

    I do think that the main focus of a blog shouldn’t be overshadowed (meaning there should be more posts about SG since that is what people are coming for) otherwise it could be a shell game, but the owner of the blog can write what they want. I understand though that a person wants to put things out that their audience wants to read or else it might just be a vanity blog.

    So, to me a person can write what they want and a person can read what they want. Presuming there is enough SG at a blog to keep the audience happy while not being things that offend them, there is probably some wiggle room.

    1. At the moment, this sums up my own feelings very well. Thanks for your thoughts. I’ll be interested in how the polls pan out once more people vote in them (ahem to you who haven’t voted). 😉

  2. quartet-man

    I haven’t voted as of yet. Why force myself in a certain answer when I stated my opinions exactly? :p I might look at the poll and answer, but so far not.

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