Youtube Find: Astonishing Korean Quartet

This quartet is called the Alborada Quartet, and they recorded some music in the 1980s. I’ve been able to find out virtually nothing about them. But they sing acapella quartet music, in Korean, like you’ve never heard it sung before.

Close your eyes and just listen to this blend:

Now take a listen to this arrangement of the black spiritual “No More Sorrow.” I know they are borrowing it from another incredible and little-known quartet called Breath of Life who had a television and radio ministry in the 1970s.

I sure wish I could obtain that project somehow.


7 thoughts on “Youtube Find: Astonishing Korean Quartet

    1. Yeah, that’s the black group the Koreans were copying. I actually have the album with that original arrangement. I found it on grooveshark—an amazing find. I think it’s the greatest gospel album ever. Some day I hope to write a review of it that’ll begin to do it justice. It’s all acapella spirituals.

  1. NWBaritone

    The arrangement of “no more sorrow” is a pretty common arrangement in barbershop circles. Still it’s fun to hear it in Korean.

      1. NWBaritone

        Looking at my sheet music it looks like it was arranged by Shelton Kilby, however a year is not indicated. Breath of Life is credited with the lyrics and music. I’m sure they were the originals 🙂

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