The Week in Review #19: Cross 4 Crowns Retires, EHSS to Return for the National Anthem, and More…

*I haven’t heard much of Cross 4 Crowns, but I really liked the little snippets I’ve found here and there, and they had an incredible tenor singer in Matt Felts. Sadly, they are disbanding. We wish them well!

*Brian Fuson is asking people to rank their top quartets. Head on over and contribute your thoughts here.

*For the third time in a row, by popular demand, EHSS is slated to sing the National Anthem at the NASCAR race this September. Press release here. This is so exciting for southern gospel! I hope they continue to win new fans.

*Brian Crout is on the verge of breaking into his top ten personal favorite SG albums of all time. Sitting at #11 is the Mark Trammell Trio’s Once Upon a Cross.

*Next Sunday, ASGM will be hosting a FREE online concert  by a fresh group called MARK209. More info here, register here. Has anyone heard them? Are they good? I hear Ronnie Milsap is a big fan.

*I want to thank everyone who took time to vote and comment in my poll earlier this week about the blog. I will be leaving it open indefinitely, so if you still haven’t cast a vote, you can do so. Results were very useful and interesting for me. In the first poll, a little over 50% of you told me you were just interested in southern gospel related posts, but that was much closer than I had anticipated (which actually pleased me). In the second poll, overwhelmingly the two most popular categories were reviews and singer-focused posts. However, I was surprised to see several people choosing cultural commentary. I will keep these results in mind as I forge ahead. Thanks to all!

*Kirk Cameron has been taking some heat for daring to say that homosexuality is “unnatural” and “destructive to the foundations of civilization” in a television interview with Piers Morgan. Some of his most vocal critics are Hollywood actors enjoying their chance to boo someone they’ve probably detested for a while. In other news, the sky is blue and the left is deranged. Thankfully he’s standing his ground. His response to the furor is even better than the original interview clip.

*I refuse to discuss anything having to do with Rush Limbaugh this week. So this is me not talking about Rush Limbaugh.

*I’ve been busily checking items off my “to-do” list for spring break. Sadly, it looks as though I will not complete everything I had hoped, but I’m coming closer than I had anticipated. The downer is that I’m coming down with a cold to cap off the week, just before school starts back up. I can see myself now, incessantly blowing my nose in philosophy class… ah well, c’est la vie. Meanwhile, one thing I have checked off is watching Simon & Garfunkel’s Concert in the Park. Attention, you who appreciate great music: This. Concert. Rocks. I mean like rocks. My face, my socks, everything. Sure, the keyboards are a little dated, but ooooh, la-la. They don’t make music like they used to. Expect stuff from this concert to crop up in any future “Great Music” posts.

*I’m in the process of dissecting the piano part to “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” trying to really learn it inside and out. In the end I’ll take a little bit from several different pianists, but one pianist I’ll never be able to imitate in a million years is Richard Tee. Wish I could… be nice… but alas, it cannot be.

*Have just finished my first album review in ages. Hoping to get through more if I can sleep well enough tonight and fight off the aches, chills, and other nice things that are beginning to set in, in between scrambling to do next week’s calculus homework. Will publish the first on Monday.

It’s an open thread…


8 thoughts on “The Week in Review #19: Cross 4 Crowns Retires, EHSS to Return for the National Anthem, and More…

      1. Before his brief C4C stint, though, he was with the Skyline Boys and Monument Quartet (I think there might be a couple others as well). I would have loved to get a recording of Felts with C4C; he came in between Dallas Rogers and Marcus Faulknor (both great tenors), and the sound I’m imagining is a nice bridge between their respective sounds.

  1. I’m old enough to remember the “Concert in the Park” live … well, not exactly live because we, in Europe, had to see it on TV, a few days later. But live enough for me … lol.
    It’s so much fun to see their music being discovered (or re-discovered) again. Good music always find its way back!

    1. That’s amazing! And I agree. 🙂

      I get the distinct impression that most people my age don’t listen to the kind of music I listen to. I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions about how good I think their favorite music is. 😉

  2. mark

    Sorry but Mark209 are not a fresh new group. They are the former Mystery Men Quartet minus “Big” Ed Crawford former Kingsmen baritone.

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