The Week in Review #20: Southern Gospel March Madness, Remembering Roger Bennett, and More…

*Steve Eaton is running a March Madness tournament for southern gospel groups.  There was a window of time in which you could pick an artist to represent, but even though that window is past, you can still vote in the match-ups. Round one has already been posted, so head on over and make your voice heard! (Pssssst, and be sure to vote for the Booth Brothers, because I’m representing them. 🙂 )

*According to Brian Free & Assurance’s facebook page, they are set to release a new album in a couple of months. Hooray! That’s going on my wish list already.

*Speaking of BFA, check out The View From the Pew’s review of a recent BFA concert.

*Should I divorce if I’m miserable? For once, Russell Moore gets something absolutely, knock-it-out-of-the-park, spot-on correct in his response to a husband who wrote in asking this question.

*There’s a new book out called Dallas and the Spitfire: An Old Car, an Ex-Con, and an Unlikely Friendship by Christian Reformed pastor and author Ted Kluck. It’s a fresh, hilarious and insightful look at discipleship, telling the true story of his relationship with an ex-con named Dallas and how they both grew in the process. Denny Burk has posted a widget with the intro and 1st chapter for free. Recommended reading.

*Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week or so, you’ve likely heard of this new video “Kony 2012” that’s going viral right now. For both of you who have no idea what it’s about, essentially the purpose is to “expose” this Ugandan war leader who recruited child soldiers and taught them to commit unspeakably horrible violence on innocent people. It sounds like a good cause, right? However, there has been some controversy over the video, and I found this blog post, which quotes responses from Christian missionaries who are actually on the ground in Uganda today, to be very helpful. I think that if you read what these people have to say, it will put the whole thing in a better perspective. The bottom line is that this campaign is all about good will… and more good will… and more good will… but ultimately has no concrete, practical relevance. Boy, does that ever sound familiar. Not to mention that America’s young people could do a lot more good standing outside an abortion clinic than clicking “Like” on a Youtube video. But I digress…

*Today is the fifth anniversary of Roger Bennett’s home-going. Here is an older clip of him in his prime, thrilling George to a rousing medley. I like it already:

By the way, Legacy Five is offering a huge discount on a bundle of Roger-related products in their store for the month of March, so check that out while it lasts.

The thread is yours…


7 thoughts on “The Week in Review #20: Southern Gospel March Madness, Remembering Roger Bennett, and More…

  1. Terry Franklin

    I don’t represent anybody, but I saw the Kingdom Heirs in concert in Homer, Georgia last Sunday and they were awesome! Everything they do seems to work. Great singers and musicians! Loved it. My mom did, too.

    1. Thanks for the report! If Mom loved it, it must have been awesome. 😀

      I have become a Kingdom Heirs fan recently as well. I think their live band is awesome, and they have a great sound. I love their newest song “We Will Stand Our Ground.”

  2. Lydia

    Roger always makes me smile. I hope he’s playing for George and the Lord in heaven right now.

    What are the other songs in the medley after “I’ll Fly Away”?

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