Sing it Again: “Love Them While We Can”

Most people might not know what a smooth pop singer Steve Green was before he launched his solo career. But he turned in some truly silky work with the Gaither Vocal Band in his early years with them. One of their best albums was 1983’s Passin’ the Faith Along. The title track has stuck around, of course, but a lot of the other songs on that project have been left in the 80s.

One such lost nugget is the Steve-led song “Love Them While We Can.” It’s simply carried with acoustic guitar and strings. And the lyrics tenderly portray the love that we should have for our parents, even after we’ve moved away from them. But it’s not at all patronizing. We should respect our parents’ wisdom too. “The silver secrets of the world/Lie beneath those crowns of gray.” The combination of lyrics, music and Steve’s golden young voice is just gorgeous.

As I was listening, it occurred to me that this would fit Ronnie Booth to a T. It calls for exactly the sort of tender delivery he brings to the table, and the song’s warm, easy-listening feel would perfectly complement the Booth Brothers’ harmonies. Take a listen and see if you agree:


11 thoughts on “Sing it Again: “Love Them While We Can”

  1. matt

    That album by the GVB has always been in my mind one of, or the best they ever did. With an actual bass. Rumor Mill, Passin’ the Faith along, etc. Great album. I wish it was on cd or some other format. Maybe it is.

  2. quartet-man

    I like some songs on that album a lot, but as far as complete albums go “New Point of View” was a lot more consistent. It is less “quartetti” and more contemp. or Inspirational, but just a great album with no filler,.

  3. Karen L Carpenter

    The evidence that a song had inspired me is that it causes me to TAKE ACTION! It’s not just a sentiment or a good idea! My Dad is 90, my father-in-law is 93 and lives with us, and we are blessed they are still able to share their wisdom and experience! And yes, the Booth Brothers would sing this so well!

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