The Week in Review #21: More March Madness, Kirk Cameron’s New Movie, My New Favorite Driving Song, and More…

*Round2 of Steve Eaton’s March Madness tournament has begun. Sadly, the Booth Brothers were just edged out by Gold City in round one, so I no longer have a horse in the race. 😦

*You can see high quality footage from the Collingsworth family’s NQC 2011 mainstage appearances by watching their recently taped Daystar program on demand here.

*Earlier this week I read the first issue of a new magazine Signature Sound is trying out. It contains part one of a 25th anniversary interview with Ernie Haase conducted by his manager Trevor King. I found particularly interesting the way he just dispelled the rumors of some kind of falling-out between EHSS and the Gaither company. Worth reading.

*Read MN SG Fan’s review of a Signature Sound concert here.

*Kyle Boreing has chimed in on Signature Sound’s new project. Read his review here.

*Ryan Seaton decided to give my Andrew Goldman article a shout-out on Facebook. Thanks to Ryan and all the Union Street guys for their kind words! However, I got some pushback on Andrew’s glasses… to clarify, the white-rimmed ones were the ones that really struck me as dorky, and Andrew has since confirmed they were a one-night only thing. 🙂

*Kirk Cameron is coming out with a new project called Monumental. My impression is that it will be a documentary-styled guided tour through the history of our country’s beginnings, from the first colonizations through the War for Independence. The focus will be what the foundational principles were that made our country great. The tagline is “Sometimes the only way to go forward is to go back.” Watch the trailer here.

Of course I share Kirk’s values, but I’m also a bit concerned. One could approach such a project with good intentions and still end up giving a one-dimensional presentation of how things really were. I have a feeling this could be to American history what Eric Metaxas’ Bonhoeffer biography was to Bonhoeffer. I’ve seen a couple unfortunate clips where David Barton shows Kirk his insanely valuable edition of an 18th century Bible whose distribution was funded by the founders, which is great… but then turns into a “Isn’t it great that people like Jefferson and Hamilton thought it would be a better country if families read the Bible” thing… when Jefferson and Hamilton were not even remotely Christian! [Correction: I appear to have been wrong on Hamilton, who it seems did become a Christian.] Even worse, Barton goes on to refer to the idea of the founding fathers as atheists/Deists/agnostics as revisionist history. Ouch. Jefferson Bible, anyone? So, yeah, I’m sort of worried about some of those issues. It’s already providing fuel for the fire of snarky liberals who do know more history than Cameron, but obviously see this as a great opportunity to patronizingly show up those stupid fundamentalists. When in terms of biblical morality, they’re dead wrong and Cameron is dead right. So it’s a frustrating thing. But I’d still be interested in seeing the film.

*Confession: Once in a while, I like to rock out. I mean REALLY rock out. Like this: And I just recently discovered the definitive driving song… with apologies to all other great driving songs, REO Speedwagon’s “Roll With the Changes” is it. I mean, the other day, it was hot, I was driving home from school, and when the singalong tag kicked in… windows down and whooping at the top of my lungs doesn’t begin to describe it. I’d like to hat tip Tim Hawkins for mentioning the song on Twitter (he was owning the air dashboard organ solo at a stoplight and letting the driver next to him know it), otherwise I never would have discovered it. Yep, it’s retro rock time! (Oh by the way, the aforementioned organ awesomeness starts at around 3:20.)

Now, if you can’t handle relatively hard rock, here is a stripped-down, recent live performance that’s really great too. No piano or Hammond, which is a sad loss, but I could get used to this country-ish-rock sound too. And the song kicks rear end either way:


15 thoughts on “The Week in Review #21: More March Madness, Kirk Cameron’s New Movie, My New Favorite Driving Song, and More…

  1. K. Payne

    Saw REO live in the early 80’s along with Survivor and Zebra. Even though Roll With the Changes was their big song, Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger was the big song that night. Zebra had a little known song called Who’s Behind the Door that proved to me that a 3 man band can really blow you away.:)

  2. Lydia

    Okay, I finally got a chance to listen to the very rocky version of “Roll With the Changes.” Must admit, the organ solo is awesome and the electric guitar solo only slightly less so. As for the lyrics (which I could read on the video), hey, I guess we can take it that in the first two verses he’s, um, proposing that they go ahead and get married. Right?…

    1. I guess that’s a possible interpretation. Then again, it appears they’ve, er, known each other for awhile (see verse 2 “you got me through my darkest hour… you poured on me like a sweet sun shower”). So yeah… draw your own conclusions. 😉

      1. Oh dear. Okay, couldn’t resist posting this interpretation I found somewhere:

        “I think the Christian imagery (a cup overflowing, rain in the desert) is too obvious to ignore. Viewed from that perspective, the first verse is God speaking to a woman – knock and the door shall be opened unto you.

        The second verse is a straightforward testimonial – I’m a church musician, and I would play this song in a contemporary service anytime.”


      2. Lydia

        On the interp. below: Oh, dear, indeed. Sometimes I think the devil must just laugh and laugh and laugh at how stupid Christians allow themselves to be.

        I mean, it’s a fun enough song, and great instrumentals, but it had _better_ be taken as purely secular.

  3. Driving Song Top 4ish (random order):
    In the Air Tonight – Genesis
    Radar Love – Golden Earring
    China Grove – Doobies
    Jessica – Allman Bros
    and there is another one I am forgetting.

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