The Week in Review #22: Rebels Return, Sons of Gospel Singers Unite, the Garms Family Catches the Booth Brothers in Concert, and More…

*Rick Fair is reviving the name of the old Rebels Quartet with a fresh lineup, including Fair himself on bass, David Fair on baritone, former Southern Sound tenor Mike Young on tenor, and former Melody Boys/Freedom member Alan Kendall on lead. Aaron Swain has a post with recent concert footage from the group here.

*Some southern gospel kids, including the sons of Brian Free and Michael Booth, have formed a group called Parachute Parade that sounds like anything but southern gospel. Michael Booth warned us about these guys in a webinar a few months back and said that if we liked “our music” (the Booth Brothers), we wouldn’t like theirs! Meanwhile I see Brian Free giving them a hearty endorsement on his Facebook page, so there seem to be some conflicting tastes at work here. As for me… well, I checked out their Reverbnation page and listened to some bits of their music. For the record, my tastes are very eclectic, so I think I have a pretty good idea of what good music in general sounds like, not just southern gospel music. And… I’m with Michael on this one. 😉 [Update: I should clarify that Michael’s initial webinar comment was very humorous, in that signature Michael Booth way, and Michael has since commented that he fully supports the band’s efforts—which I never doubted!]

*The March Madness continues over at Steve Eaton’s. See the latest results here.

*Don’t miss a pictorial Booth Brothers concert review from Southern Gospel Blog favorites, the Garms kids. Great job guys!

*You should read Kevin DeYoung’s Ten Commandments for Commenting on Blogs. Especially if you’re a Star Wars fan. I mean, you should read them even if you’re not, but you’ll enjoy them even more if you are.

*Here’s a funny clip I recently found from Declaration, the trio the Booth Brothers have been mentoring. They attempt to walk across a “bridge.” Uh, guys… we like you. Be safe!

The thread is yours.


6 thoughts on “The Week in Review #22: Rebels Return, Sons of Gospel Singers Unite, the Garms Family Catches the Booth Brothers in Concert, and More…

  1. Michael Booth

    I totally support my son and the band. My point, in saying, if you like our music, you won’t like theirs, is a simple apples and oranges statement. Again, I do support and endorse them and I love their hearts. It’s a beautiful thing to witness them going through the learning and development of being in a band!!


    1. Hi Michael, thanks for stopping by! Of course, I never meant to imply that you wouldn’t support them, I had just gotten the impression that you were, in a light and funny way, just saying it wasn’t your personal cup of tea. As for their hearts, they seem like GREAT young guys with solid values and good counter-cultural heads on their shoulders. If they can bless people with their brand of music, more power to ’em. Thanks again for commenting. Appreciate it brother.


      1. And to further clarify, I realize I was setting up a contrast between you and Brian… I think what I was trying (clumsily) to say was that it seemed like Brian was not only supporting the band but was adding that he personally really enjoyed their music as well. But I realize that made it look like you “weren’t supporting” them, which I never meant to imply!

      2. Michael Booth

        Thanks friend!! I appreciate you taking the time to give them some press!! I “think” you are the first one to do so. I’ll keep ya posted on how things are going.

        They were at my house this weekend laying down drum tracks…. So…. Vicki left the house for a bit..:)

      3. You’re welcome! Actually, David Bruce Murray at Musicscribe was the one who first wrote a post about them. That was where I first read they’d made a CD.

        Ha! No comment… 😀

  2. Patricia

    That’s great that you support your son and his band.It’s always nice to have parents support their children in music.As for the apples and oranges I get that comment for my singing and how I represent music is different then my parents group back in the 8os especially the songs Heather and I write I can’t see my parents singing them:).

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